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Monday, August 24, 2009


Harper was baptized this weekend at our "country" church, Looking Glass. It was a beautiful day for it, although most of it was spend inside!! It was a long day for the kids, we left the house a little after 8:30 to make it out there a little early for the 9:45 service. After church we hosted lunch for our family that was able to attend. After some afternoon visiting we took the kids back to the farm to play with a few cousins, and that was exhausting for them! Jumping on the trampoline, playing with baby kitties, changing clothes, playing with dolls, sneaking snacks, and watching a cartoon can take it out of a three, almost four, and six year old! After leaving the farm we went to town for their annual fundraiser. Charli had fun playing on several of the toys and games. She stayed up the entire way home and was ready to konk when we got home! They were gone from the house for over 12 hours, and she slept until 9:00am the next morning...probably would have slept later, but I woke her up!

Harper had his 2-month check last week. He has gained almost 4 pounds since he was born, and grew 3 inches!! He is a growing boy in ever sense of the word!! Friday was also his first day at daycare, we took him there and headed to Lincoln with Charli to take her for a surprise visit to the zoo! I will post those pictures later today hopefully!

Time for Harper to eat, so I gotta run :-)

I had to bribe chad to keep the tissue paper by saying Harper couldn't put this in his room if he didn't do it!! Yes, I was using my children against my husband for personal you haven't!! :-)

four of the cousins getting busted for playing the piano!

little macey is hidden here, but she is there right along side the rest playing away!

Harper's cake - given as a gift to us from a member of the church. It was delicious!

the fam'

on this side of the family Charli is the BIG cousin! I think the three little boys should be worried!!

Braxton and harper - 8 weeks apart...can you say TROUBLE!?!

This is the pose to show off our feet I guess!! She was proud of her John Deere boots. She got to go work with Dad one morning and she was pretty proud to dress like him!! Although, I have no picture of him in HIS pink polka-dot jacket. Sneak must have taken it off before he got home!

Charli and Daddy on their way to work!

very proud big sister! Harper's first day of daycare

Braxton babysitting Harper

sweet. Grandpa Preister feeding Harper at baptism

Charli in Grandpa P's boots!

ahhh, she didn't even mind that he was laying on her, for now!! Give her a few months and he might not be "so cute", as she likes to say! Last night she told me that he was growing, and this morning she told me he is getting "so big"! She also followed that up with "stop looking at me"!!! :-)


Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

It was a fun weekend! Thanks for sharing all the great pictures! XXXOOO

Anonymous said...

I love all of these great pics! Glad you had a great baptism day for Harper. He's growing so fast, it's amazing!!!

Rachelle said...

Those are great pictures! Glad to know Harper is doing so well! Congratulations to him on his baptism!