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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

pretty neat!

Finally, pictures!

Charli had a rough week last week! Monday night she started to feel warm and sure enough was spiking a fever, so we stayed home on Tuesday. I wanted to get her ears checked so we manged to get a doctors appointment on Tuesday morning. Her ears looked great, but her throat was as red as can be Dr. Anderson said. When she opened up she sounded confident that she had strep - but the test came back negative, which is a good thing. So we went home in hopes of resting it off! She did well as the day went on and woke up ready to go to Lynn's! Thursday morning she woke up with blisters on guessed it - hands, feet, and mouth!! AHHHH!! WHAT - she hadn't had a fever since Tuesday, where did these come from?! After getting the doctors okay, we went to daycare. We were told that as long as the fever wasn't present, she was safe to be around other kids. I feel just terrible - I had NO idea!!!!!!!! One a cute side note, she had a blister on her finger - so of course she was telling me that her head hurt, her arm hurt, etc...because she was touching them with her SORE finger!! ADORABLE!

Here we are a week later and she has come down with a cold! I hope it is a short lived one, but we will see. She didn't sleep well last night, but we hope tonight is better - we are all ready for a GREAT nights sleep!!

Charli and I got to have a shopping day with Aunt Amanda on Saturday which we thought was fun! Charli did great, and Amanda got to enjoy the life of shopping with a toddler!

We went to the Lindsay Holy Family Bazaar on Sunday, there are pictures from that below! If you have a few extra minutes check out the posting from August 2007 and see how much Charli has changed since last year!!! Hard to remember...

Later that night I was asked to speak at the Separated, Widowed, and Divorced Group in Columbus about Charli and her journey. I hadn't done that for so was nice! I took two of her scrapbooks and her 2-year photos. Everyone seemed to enjoy her smile page after page!

I know your here for the I will get to them now!

PS. Charli started saying "pretty neat" and "pretty cute" this weekend...and you guessed it, it's 'pretty cute'!!!!


Amanda's pretty car!

Brad's cool car!

Charli is learning about cows at Grandma and Grandpa Borg's house!

hmmm...where is Charli?!

here ducky-ducky-ducky

high-five daddy!

high-five Amanda!




Anonymous said...

Cute pictures! What a difference from last year at the Bazaar...but still the same sweet smile! Grma P

Deqlan said...

aaaawwww how cute is Charli? cuter every post and saying so many words, clever girl! Prayers always
Samm & Deqlan