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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

"happy to you"

I haven't downloaded any pictures yet this week, sorry!!

I just wanted to share a few cute quick stories about Charli!!

Since her birthday she has been big into singing happy birthday! I think having Chad's birthday the next week and having several birthday parties at daycare very close together she got to hear the song a lot. So each night before bed she wants to sing "happy to daddy"! But, since it is her cousin Macey's birthday coming up we have been singing "Happy to Macey" so we can be all practiced up!!

She has been doing a great job with potty training I think. She is still waking up wet in the morning but is doing great at nap time and during the day! She is getting very good at telling us when she needs to go, so we are moving along here! She LOVES to get her stickers after she goes, and has started sneaking into the bathroom to steal them! She loves "elmo" and "nemo" the most!

She had a sick day yesterday from daycare! She had a rough night Monday night and we went to the doctor Tuesday morning...the doctor thought she had strep but the test was negative! We can tell she is feeling better tonight because she is actually eating and drinking! Last week she had her 2 year check up and got a great report...she is still tall for her age, around the 95% mark at just under 3'. Someone told my mom a few weeks ago that (in his theory) kids are 2x as tall as an adult as they are at their 2nd birthday. If that is true, Charli will be marking in around 5'10"...a great size to be a volleyball player, and to keep a lot of boys away - tall girls are intimidating!! :-)

We hope everyone is having a great week and looking forward to a nice weekend :-)


Anonymous said...

good luck keeping the boys away from any height!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear the potty training is going so well for you.

Isn't crazy to think about our daughters ending up so tall? I just wanted to let you know that Chloe checked in at her 2 year appointment at 3' 1" tall. Yep, our girls will both be tall with Chloe possibly ending up over 6'. We're thinking Volleyball and Basketball around here too!

Anonymous said...

I forgot to sign the comment before.

Lots of love from the VanDykes
Katie, Mike and Chloe

Anonymous said...

Yep, that was true of my three. Glad Charli's feeling better. XXOOPP Grma P

Anonymous said...

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