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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Let's have some lemonade!

We took part in the neatest thing ever today!! A co-worker and her family went to Applebee's a few weeks ago and their daughter, who is about 5 or 6, read about Alex's Lemonade Stand and wanted to do something like that for little Charli Ann! So, a few days past and I was told that it was a done deal!

This little girl and her "babysitter" for the summer worked on posters (one said "cancer stinks"!!) and food for the event too! The lemonade stand took place tonight. We stopped by around 6:00 and they had a cup full of dollars and a cup full of change! They were so excited and proud - it was truly amazing to see! They are donating their money to Charli, who is then sending it on their behalf to Alex's Lemonade stand.

What they are doing is truly amazing, I hope everyone can see that. These are just children, who saw a great cause and jumped on it. They didn't sit and ponder if they had the time, wanted to make the effort, or thought it was worth it. These are kids who heard that there are sick kids out there who need help, and really stepped up to the plate to help in a way that they knew they could. They even went down to their church to advertise their event! Whether they turn in $5 or $5,000 - I hope they remember the lemonade stand and continue to be amazing cheerleaders in the war against childhood cancer. When the help comes from the heart the amount of money turned in is really irrelevant, it goes beyond that. So, if you are reading this - THANK YOU from so many people who will never be able to thank you for themselves!

Charli paying for her lemonade and cookie!

Alli and Madeline at their stand! HOW CUTE!!

the girls!! (Charli and the little sister Lilly added!!)

Lilly and Charli playing on the playset! Looks like Charli is eating some step here!! ha ha

she really enjoyed the new playset, and the winding slide! Thanks for the fun Hudnall's!!

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