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Saturday, August 16, 2008


I know so many of you only come here for the pictures, so I thought I better throw some up pretty soon before we loose some faithful followers!!
I have to say that yesterday I attended the funeral of a great women, Stella. She is not only the mother of my very great friend Gina, but also the grandma of her little guy Gavin. You can visit their site which is linked to the right. The service was beautiful, full of emotion and love with beautiful music. I was honored to be a part of the many loved ones who came to show their support for the family. Gina is being so strong, but she needs everyone prayers as she continues to be the rock for her family.
Last weekend we attended some of the Columbus Days events - there is a picture below of Chad taking Charli down to see the "baby horsies"! (yes, I know horsies isn't a word!!) Last night we went to the horse races, and Charli is all about horses now! Last night they were "fast horsies"!!
Charli is really loving on her babies now and likes to take them everywhere she goes in the house! She even tries to take them to go potty, but then says "no baby potty, baby dirty" and sets it down! I WONDER where she gets the cleanliness and over-the-top organization from ?!!
You will notice some very amazing artists that were working on a mural in my driveway earlier this week! This was done in honor of the first day of school and all the kids who would be coming down the street! What you don't see is that on the sidewalk going past our house a hopscotch spot was even drawn!! Oh the detail that went into that project! There were several "funny" looks given by walkers that night!!
Enjoy the pictures - come back soon :-)
look at that long pretty hair!

new PJ's!

the beautiful work of art!!

reading her "Elmo uses the potty" book to her bear!

eating lunch with her baby! (who later had applesauce all over her head!!)

big girl!

This picture cracks me up! In Charli's left hand is a big goldfish cracker...and she has to walk with her hands up in the air so Kasper won't steal it from her! As you can see, he actively still tries to take her food no matter what she does to keep it from him! Kasper is in full jump-mode here ready to take it right out of her tight little grasp!! This is what she has to go throw every day...poor girl!!

playing with her new horsie from Uncle Brad! (and I am pretty sure Aunt Amanda too!)

I call this the "double-chin point" at the parade! She really enjoyed it and was so well behaved!

Charli and Daddy looking at the "baby horsies"!

I thought the red tractor and the green tractor were going to have a side-walk chalk pull off...

...but later found out that there were NO RED TRACTORS ALLOWED :-)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Great pictures, Brenda. I love the one of her pointing at the cute! Love Always! Grma P

Deqlan said...

i am so sorry to hear about your friends mom Brenda, and pray for peace for her family.
Love the new pics of Charli and cant believe how big and how clever she is getting! To gorgeous! Have a great weekend and prayrs for Charli always
God Bless
Samm & Deqlan