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Sunday, June 29, 2008

sneak peak

Here is another sneak peak from Friday night!! Charli, Chad, and I lead the first survivors lap. When we came around the last curve everyone was clapping, and it was amazing to be in the center of it, leading the over 200 survivors. The family thought Charli might be scared by all the noise so Grandpa Bob and Aunt Amanda got down to eye level with Charli so she would feel comfortable! Well, with some encouragement and the reward of running to her Aunt Amanda she just took off...and well, the rest is a memory we will never forget. What a memory indeed!


Chuck said...

that was beyond beautiful
what a blessing to see answered prayer 'trucking' along and 'winning the race'
praise God!

The Wiechman's said...


JAndzulis said...

Really special and quite moving- I have tears in my eyes-

Julie aka grzesikjm (babyfit)

Anonymous said...

What a moment!

Katie VanDyke

Deqlan said...

i am in tears after watching this video - i am so very very proud of you Charli, and you Brenda and Chad and family for all you do to help us fight nb
God Bless, prayers and hugs
Samm mom to Deqlan