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Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Relay is NEAR...the Relay is HERE!!

I am literally like a little kid who is excited about their birthday & Christmas combined with the last day of school!!! I can not wait for the Relay! I don't know what it is, but I am just a little kid about it!

The entire concept means a lot to us, I think the culmination of everyone's hard work, fun, and good cause make it exciting! Plus, I am just excited to be a part of such an uplifting experience this year. Don't get me wrong, there is a lot of emotion that goes into an event that orbits around cancer...but sleeping just outside of my room is a 29 pound success story that makes my life worth living!!!

If you are within driving distance of Columbus I strongly urge you to come to the Relay! Today someone called it a cancer "carnival" and it kind of is!! There is food, games, prizes...and just a lot of fun to be had!!

Here is a brief run down of what will take place!!!
6:00 - Columbus dancers
6:00 - supper available
7:00 - Opening Ceremonies
8:00 - walk starts
10:00 - lighting of luminaries (roll call of luminaries)
midnight - the start of all the night time fun to keep people up all night!!
If you are able to make it until morning there will be a breakfast and closing ceremony to let us know what was raised!! The goal for Platte County was $165,000...let's hope they can make it!!

If you do come down, please be sure to come find us! We would love to see all of you there - friends, family, neighbors, and anyone in between! Be sure to wear your Charli shirts if you have them and bring chairs so you can stick around!!

I just can't wait!! Look for pictures and stories to come after the weekend!!

PS. We have family and friends coming from all around Columbus, western Nebraska, Kansas, and Iowa!! We are so excited about the people who are able to come take part in this with our family!! Your dedication to this cause blows my mind. And although there are always people who we wish would come and never do - the appreciation we have to those of you who do come - far outweigh our feelings when some choose not to! THANK YOU!!!

*this poem was sent to me today by someone on the Relay for Life planning committee!!*

'Twas the night before Relay and all through the house,
Every one was stirring, including the mouse.

With the set up, lifting, bending and more
Our feet and backs are sure to be sore.

But we won't feel them, not one little bit
'Cause this Relay is a definite hit.

The Committee and Teams, with hearts so pure
Have worked so hard to help find a cure.

So enjoy your evening and please don't mope,
for tomorrow we gather and celebrate HOPE!

Get some sleep tonight; before you know it…it will be Relay night!!


Stacy from MI said...

Take lots of pictures to share with those who would love to be there and meet the Preister Family...but just live a little too far!! Have fun...make memories!

Anonymous said...

I'm on the list of those that "Wish I could be there!" We are just so far away. I will definitely be thinking of you. Have a wonderful time. I will look forward to pictures.

The VanDyke Family
Katie, Mike and Chloe Marie

Sheila Ferrell said...

Praying for sweet Charli and all the others that are being honored and remembered tonight.

Anonymous said...

You did an awesome job talking last nite. Charli looked so cute in her pig tails. I really wanted to come say hi and introduce my self but when I saw you, you were always talking to someone else and did not want to bother you. I have been following your blog for over a year and have to say your family is truly an inspiration to everyone.

Laurie Bardsley

Anonymous said...

so wish we could be there. with the price of gas and stuff going on this weekend, we're unfortunately unable to make it down.... perhaps next year my lovelies :)

sadie and aiden