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Sunday, June 22, 2008

a good day = a good trip

We got good news on Friday, as most of you have probably guessed since I haven't posted yet, sorry!!! Charli had her blood drawn like a champ and did great while waiting for Dr. Thompson. Everyone was so pleased to see how much she has grown. It was such an uneasy feeling to be back up in the clinic. It has been several visits since we had been back up there, the past few times the Dr. has come to us on a different floor. I didn't like it. I didn't like how it felt like an old "home", I didn't like how I remembered where the fruit juice was, I didn't like that they they knew our name, and I didn't like that "look" that other moms and dads in the room give you when you walk, your child has cancer too, I am sorry. I felt guilty to be honest, as dumb as I know that as.

I DID like how pleased Dr. Thompson was with her progress! I DID like hearing that after 2 more CT scans they will start doing ultrasounds which is safer and easier on Charli's little body. I did like how we got the "seal of approval" on her health. I DID like the feeling of leaving and knowing we won't be back for three more months. I DID like the reminder that Charli is a cancer SURVIVOR.

Since the morning went so well we wanted to do something to celebrate and make the day fun for Charli since she did have it kind of rough earlier in the day. So...we went to the zoo!! Well, as great of a time as we had - going on College World Series Friday...not a great idea! But, once we got in the parking lot and into the zoo it wasn't crowed and we had a nice time!! Charli was ready to go home by the time we left. She either got too much sun/heat or was allergic to something towards the end of our visit. Her eyes got red and swollen...and she was in a weird state of mind...almost fell asleep while changing her diaper in a weird position in the back of Chad's truck. We were a little worried...but she snapped out of it after a 45 minute nap. We wish we knew what caused it, but as long as it doesn't come back I am okay with it!! Before we left the zoo we took Charli on the train ride and she was GREAT!!!

Enjoy all the pictures, they are out of order I know...but you will get the point! Sorry there are so many - it is hard to pick!!

what a big girl, she is learning to put her shoes on - the right feet!

hmm, guess who DRANK their yogurt today?!!

since when did she start sitting on TOP of the chair?!

Charli got to help daddy change the tire - who taught who do you think?!!!

don't worry dad, I will bring you the tire!

no, this is how you do it!

okay dad, I will let you do it this ONE time!

and then you tighten the lug nuts!

WOW...look at the butterflies!

Did you know...

so proud of my new hat and MONKEY!!! (you can see my face starting to swell!)

but I love my monkey so much...I don't mind yet!!

showing off my stickers from the doctors office!! The one I got after giving my blood says "LAB TESTED"...cute!!

she loved running around the zoo :-)

ewww, bees!

I liked the thinks I am allergic!

this monkey came nose to nose with me!!

AIRPLANE!! She can spot those from mile away!!

relaxing on a warm summer day!

kiss the John Deere boy!

ahh, pretty bird daddy!!


The Wiechman's said...

GO Charli! Good news, so glad that your test went well. The zoo looked like a blast (I love the zoo too!) I also love the pictures in black and white where only the pink do you do that? LOVE YA and Miss YA!

Anonymous said...

Great News!!!

Love Jodi

Stacy from MI said...

Glad to hear the wonderful news...your family has been in my thoughts and prayers! Enjoy the week!

AndreaChad said...

Glad to hear the wonderful news! I love the look on her face in the yogurt!! Brenda, you look great!

Deqlan said...


Anonymous said...

We are so glad of the good news. The pictures are wonderful...what fun you have together!

I remember when I used to take my son to the clinic for his PKU check-ups and I would look around hopeful to encounter another parent with a child with the same metabolic birth defect (preferably older than Brandon was) so I could receive a little hope...a little encouragement. I didn't know what the future held for him. It wasn't long before new parents of little PKU children were looking with hope at Brandon as he grew into a healthy and normal young with children of his own. Brenda, Charli is that hope to those other parents at clinic and you and Chad are their encouragement. Think how wonderful it must be for them to see such a healthy little girl who has overcome so much. You are so blessed! I am so proud of you...always! Grma P