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Monday, June 02, 2008

2nd Annual Poker Run

WOW, well....not sure what all to say about our event! We had our 2nd Annual Childhood Cancer Poker Run on Sunday. We would like to thank all of you who came out to support our event and enjoy the beautiful weather! I really tried to talk to everyone who attended but I know I missed a lot, so I will have to do better next year!
We had 170 poker hands played, some people played several hands...but most played only one so I would probably estimate 160 motorcycles and other vehicles. Probably 150 of them were was fun to see the streets lined with bikes!!
100% of the proceeds raised Sunday will be donated to the following charities: (please check out their site to learn more about all their hard work for our kids!!)
Thanks to the total generosity of all those who attended yesterday we will be able to send over $1,000 to EACH charity! I am so excited to send those checks on everyones behalf! I wasn't sure what to expect for the day. I was hoping to have 150 registrants, and we had my expectations were exceeded! Thank you everyone :-)
We hope that by having this annual event people will look forward to it and the crowd will grow each year. Of course the day was made by the weather, which is responsible for much of the days was a beautiful day to be out and about! We did get some rain at the very end of the meal, but the timing was nothing I could complain about - I was so thankful for the sun we had!
Thank you to all who made the day possible with special BIG thanks going out to Brad and Amanda Busselman. Brad did all of the cooking for the meal Sunday night as well as all the leg work to really make the day possible - truly the day would have never happened without the two of them! Amanda made all the mac salad and everyone seemed to love it!! Also a big thank you to everyone who made desserts! We ended up with a TON of desserts, but who doesn't want to eat leftover cookies!!
Thank you to Brad, Amanda, Janice, Bob, Jody, and my mom for helping set up - Brad, my dad, Rachelle, Janelle, Heather, Barry, and Jane for working at the stops! And...everyone else who has been left off the list because I know I will forget many!
BIG thanks to bars who allowed our event to stop: Kudrons Keg (Humphrey), Southside (Newman Grove), New Frontier (Belgrade), Peppers (Genoa), and the Monroe Tavern (Monroe). We hope everyone was able to enjoy the day!!
We appreciate all the prizes that were donated as well as the products/services that were donated to help the day! THANK YOU to the McMeekins who kept Charli all day so we could be working the event and not worry for one second about her well-being!! You are lifesavers!
We just truly appreciate everyone work and effort that went into this event. Having an event like this be a success makes me feel like we are breaking ground in the fight against childhood cancer and we have many more workers in that fight now...and that is making a huge impact!!!! The money that was raised this weekend WILL make all the difference in the world to kids just like Charli, and I can not even begin to explain how that makes me are all hero's in my book!
Expecting Miracles....
Chad and I taking time for fun before the meal!

"Charli's Angels" getting everything ready for all to enjoy! (Janice, Amanda, Deb, & Dillon)

one of the long lines of bikes!!! It was hard to catch them all at once!

Charli going down the slide sans her mommy!! :-(

what a cheesy little spider-monkey!

Charli wearing her dinosaur nose from a birthday party at daycare!!

she looks like a big girl here!!

bikes before leaving Humphrey

Brad working hard to fill the bellies of lots of hungry bikers!!


Gavin Robert Wiechman said...

Charli! I miss you, I can't believe how grownup she is getting. Hope to catch the Preister's sometime.

Anonymous said...

Adorable pictures, and it looked like a perfect day! I am so happy you had a great turnout. You continue to do so much for the cause which makes me proud to be your friend. I love the shirts too!!

Deqlan said...

wow - congrats guys - look like it was a huge success and thank you for all you are doing to help find the cure for us and many others! love the pics of Charli, she is more cute each day ! God Bless and prayers continue always
Samm & Deqlan