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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Welcome to our World!! I am tired and feeling a little sorry for myself while writing this post!!!!

Charli is not feeling so hot today, but is peacefully sleeping in her crib now - she is such a trooper! Last night my mom picked her up from daycare, they got home and she climbed up on grandma's lap and fell asleep!! She didn't even get up when I came home, she was feeling pretty tough. We took her temp and it was about 103, 104.5 on the ear she was sleeping on!! I waited around a bit before giving her any meds to see what the temp would do, but it hoovered around I gave her some motrin and she went off to bed. She slept pretty good, but could tell she didn't feel good. Her temp was back in the middle of the night, and stuck around till morning. About an hour after Motrin it went down. to the doctor we went! I thought for sure it was her ears...which it is not, and I am glad for. But, Charli does have some sores on the back on her throat. Dr. Rohwer said that he has seen this a few times - with the fever. So, until she is fever free for 24 hours...we will be at home! She feel asleep in the doctors office, and was feeling pretty low by the time we got home. I tried to feed her, but she wasn't interested at all! Poor thing, she just sat there and had tears coming down her little face :(. I knew it hurt to take her meds because she is always a great medicine taker, but I could only get 1/2 in her easily, the rest was a fight...and hurt my feelings a bit!!!!! After that I asked her if she wanted to take a nap, and she laid down on my shoulder and pointed to her room! She is so smart!!

So, let's hope she feelings 110% when nap time is over!!

Wynston has also been sick!! Last week he spent a night at the vets getting blood work and x-rays done!! he has a UTI basically, but is on medicine and a special diet for it. He isn't sleeping, eating, or drinking well either!!! And Kasper....well, Kasper is Kasper!!

Chad has been working long days now that the weather is nice! Many mornings his alarm is going off at 2am, what is up with that?!! Most nights he is getting home around 8pm...seeing Charli just as she goes to bed, which isn't enough for him!! Hopefully he will be able to work more "normal" hours soon. So, if you see him working at your place...send him home!!!! Luckily our family has really been picking up our slack!! Grandma Preister, Grandma Borg, and Aunt Amanda have been big helpers in getting Charli home form daycare! THANK YOU!!!!!! We would be in a major rut without your help!!

I will post some pictures of Charli playing later today...she was feeling pretty good around mid-morning and gave me some cute pictures!!

For now I am going to sit and read a magazine. I should clean up my house, but I am not :-)!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! So the Dr. didn't say there really was anything wrong or that she had strep throat or anything? Poor thing, but what a trooper!! Can't wait to see the new pictures.
Sending you hugs and well wishes!

Stacy from MI said...

Sounds like Charli and I are sharing the sore throat, aches and fever. I will pray for her speedy recovery. In the mean time enjoy the cuddles!!

Deqlan said...

hope Charli and Wynston both get better and start feeling better soon! Have a great weekend prayers and hugs
Samm and Deqlan

AndreaChad said...

I hope that Charli is feeling better this morning! Hugs!!