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Sunday, April 13, 2008

and then there were two...more!!

And then were SEVEN?!! Charli got two new pets today...Earl and May - little goldie fishes!!! I went to Norfolk today with Amanda and while we were shopping in Earl May, I decided to get the fish I have been asking Chad for, for weeks!! I knew Chad would never get them for me!! So, please be sure to pay special attention to Mr. Earl and Mrs. May when you come visit next!! Charli loves them, she watches them swim around and giggles at them!! For some reason I have anorexic fish, who spit their food back up...and Charli tells them NO!!!

Charli is saying many new words this weekend and being just as cute as ever!! She is still loving her hair to be pretty and likes to show off her shoes!!

Come for a visit and I am sure she will give you big bear hugs, lots of kisses...and show you her shoe drawer!!!

Mr. Earl & Mrs. May!

Charli getting her hair *did*!!



Charlie and Charli taking a nap...shh!!!

Charli reading to Charlie!

cute can see Mr. Earl in this picture!!


Anonymous said...

Look at all of the adorable pictures! Her hair looks SO cute in her pigtails! I love it! I've been telling Eric I wanted to get Landon some fish too...just haven't done it yet!!! Also, the Charli's Angels shirts are PERFECT. Love em!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Earl and Mrs. May are a GREAT addition to the Preister house! Glad I could take part (or part blame) in it!:) Had fun time let's take Charli along....then we probably would've come home with the bird!!! ~amanda

Anonymous said...

Love the fish bowl picture! Anxious to see Mr. Earl and Mrs. May! XXOOPP Grma P

Deqlan said...

aaaawwww love the mohawk! enjoy the fishies charli they are lovely ! God Bless and love Samm and Deqlan