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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Husker Hoops Players

Okay everyone...I have the (semi) "OFFICIAL" list of Husker Players coming back to play Sunday!! It sounds like we will have a great bunch of players! I think one or two players had to decline coming because of the draft, but we will still rock :-)

Andre Jones (CB)
Tyler Kestner (CB)
Terrance Nunn (WR)
Jordan Picu (OL)
Tom Rice (DE)
Matt Senske (FB)
Brandon Johnson (DL)
and...possibly one more!

Just a reminder, the game will be starting at 1:00, so come early to see it all!! Bring something for the players to sign, and don't forget your cameras for pictures after the game!!

If anyone has ANY questions, please give me a call!!!!


Anonymous said...

have fun today! sorry we can't be there.

-sadie & aiden

Grandpa John said...

Hi Charli,

It‘s me John Raschke, you know the Ol’ guy named Grandpa John, or as my friends call me Gj. Before I begin I just have to tell you how cute you are. Oh my! If Missus Gj were close by the computer now, she’d reach through the screen and give your check just a little pinch (Oh nothing very hard at all she does it to me all the time and I kindda like it, but don’t tell her that or she’ll be doing that to me all the time OK).

Would you please thank your Mommy for me? Her post to my, no our blog, warmed my heart so much. I actually got a little tear right in my eyes in reading what she wrote. She really did find the right words. Also, would you please tell her that I am in this for the long haul. Ain’t nothin gonna stop Ol’ Gj from spreading the word and doing all he can to help the Band of Parents and the wonderful doctors at the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center find that cure! Shucks, as long as our Heavenly Father gives me strong legs I’ll be running for you and your family. Not only that, but for all of my little buddies and the families too. And if my legs get too weak, then I’ll just have to ride a bicycle.

I do have a favor to ask if I may. Would you please ask your Mommy if it would be OK for Ol’ Gj to copy one of your pictures and make a wallet size out of it? What I’ll do is this- I’ll have your picture plastic coated and I’ll wear it on a chain around my neck (it’s called a lanyard) for all to see when I run my next race (the race’s name is “Flirts with Dirt” – silly name huh?) . I know the people will ask who you are and I’ll be more than happy to tell them that you’re a Little Buddy (is it Ok to call a sweet young lady a buddy?) of mine and I am running the race in your honor. That way we’ll both be spreading the word about finding the cure. Besides, when I get kindda tired I just have to look at your smile and my heart is again strong. If it’s Ok, here’s my personal email address:

God Bless You Charli

Till later,


PS: could I add a link to your blog from mine? And although I am a Maze an Blue fan; for you I will become a ardent fan of the Corn Huskers - OK :)

Michelle said...


I just love and support everything you and your family are doing for our little ones, I constantly get choked up everytime a child passes because of this terrible disease, something just has to be done!! Please give Charli a special hug from me and Mackenzie.

Sending many prayers and hugs your way,

Michelle and Mackenzie