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Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Sunday ~ May 4th, 2008
Humphrey High Gym
K-below FREE!!

2007 Husker Football Seniors vs. Humphrey community members!!!!!!

This game should be full of excitement and entertainment for all ages! The Huskers will stick around after the game to sign autographs and take pictures! There will be opportunities to purchase luminaries for those you would like to honor, as well as take your chance at SPLIT THE POT!!!!! The National Honor Society will also be providing concession stands to satisfy your sweet tooth!! If we have any left over CHARLI'S ANGELS shirts, we will have them there too!! Keep an eye out :-)

Proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life, and help raise awareness to childhood cancer. It is a GREAT cause that will give you LOADS of come on over to the game this weekend!!

Charli will be there sporting her Charli's Angels shirt and piggy-tails I am sure, so if nothing else just come to see her cute little face!!! :-)

Thanks to everyone who is still checking in on us, we appreciate it SO much!!! We are excited to see this event be a success! This is our first charity event we have planned, and we hope it goes well so we can do more!!

Look for ads in the Humphrey and Newman Grove papers this week...and the Telegram Thursday! It is also running on the radio, I had three people tell me they heard it today - so I hope that drives spectators by the hundreds!!!!! :-) If you can't make it, just tell your friends to come in your place!!

Have a GREAT week!!! Tomorrow is MID-week...yay!


Anonymous said...

Do we cheer " go huskers".....or go Humphrey??? At any rate, we will CHEER!!

Deqlan said...

hope the game goes great and lots of money raised! charli is looking to cute for words! have a great weekend, hugs, prayers , hope continue always!
Love Samm & Deqlan