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Sunday, April 27, 2008

PLUS four legs MINUS two gills

I have such sad news...Mrs. May has left our home. She passed away this morning. I knew going to bed last night that she wouldn't make it to morning :-( Her coloring was bad, and she wasn't swimming around like she normally did. At that point, I didn't know what I could do :-( I was so sad, and feel so bad for Mr. Earl. Does anyone he happier to have the bowl to himself...or does he want a buddy??? I don't know what to do?

On a separate note, we have expanded our home by about four feet! Charli got a hamster, CoCo today!! He is so cute and furry....he is tan and white with a little stub for a tail! He was one of 10 brought into the store, raised by an employee there! She was SO sad to see him leave! So, we left the store with one hamster, one cage, one package of bedding, one package of feed, and package of alfalfa!! Coco also likes apples and lettuce we were told...we will have to get some!! He is so cute to watch! He piled about 100 sunflower seeds in his wheel, on top of his cage - and he is sleeping now!

Charli is working on some teeth I think - I hope at least! She has been kind of crabby and moody this weekend! We took her out to eat dinner today, and she did SO great!! I looked at Chad, and we agreed that we couldn't remember the last time we all went out to eat...just the three of us! We were there for an hour - and I was so proud of her! I could have just cried thinking about how grown up she is! It was a GREAT feeling!!!
Enjoy the pictures...

This is Chalri with her 102.5 fever...!
cheese mommy...I don't feel good....but cheese!!!!!

she was shopping for her bowling set!

the look of amazement when she discovered the neighbors sprinklers!

this is coco's home!

a very-near close-up of coco...he says HI!!

this is how Charli has to eat her snack...hiding behind a chair so Kasper doesn't STEAL her food!

check out her pony...its on the BACK of her head!!


Anonymous said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!! Always glad to see pictures....I LOVE the pony!!!~aunt manda & uncle brad

AndreaChad said...

Glad to see that she is feeling better! How exciting on another pet!

Anonymous said...

Welcome CoCo to the Preister home!!! What a cutie and I bet Charli loves him! Great pictures!

Anonymous said...