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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

PLEASE keep praying

Our friend Keira will be going in for scans tomorrow in Texas. Please pray that her tumor has shrunk and that no more treatments will be necessary at this point.

I know that the power of prayer works. I also know that there a lot of you out there who believe the same thing. If you are a part of a prayer circle I ask that you include her name, as well as pass this request along to keep the prayers going for her!

There is a link to her page located to the right.



Stacy from Michigan said...

I have not signed in lately...and wanted to let you know that I keep Charli in my daily prayers...we are heading to my parents for an extended weekend. When we return...Emily heads off to first grade and Michael to pre-school...hold onto the toddler years with Charli as they grow so fast!!! (feeling a little senitmental) Have a good weekend...Take Care and God Bless!!

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a fantastic weekend! We are celebrating Kaitlyn's 1st birthday with Grandma and Gradpa's in hastings. She doesn't turn 1 til the 8th, but we just couldn't wait!

Give Charli a big hug!