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Monday, May 21, 2007

no way....

I forgot to mention this Saturday!

Someone by the name of Sara Henn, from Lindsay, got married Saturday. While in Amanda's shop getting her hair done for her wedding that day she asked about Charli. She said that she wished there was something that she could do to help. So, Amanda being the great Charli advocate that she is - said that after the wedding she could donate her hair!

So, Sara said "do it". As in...right now. On her wedding day she cut 10" of her hair off. CAN YOU IMAGINE? How selfless.

Anyway...I just wanted to acknowledge her for doing such a great thing!



Anonymous said...

Amazing, absolutely amazing!!

Anonymous said...

What an Awesome story...this world needs more people like Sara!! Praying for a good day for Charli (and Mom & Dad too)!!

Anonymous said...

selfless and amazing

I hope her day was blessed with magic, the magic she will bring into the life of a child now that she has donated her hair, I wonder if she understands how important what she did is. God bless her.