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Monday, May 01, 2006

I PASSED ! ! ! ! ! ! (with flying colors!)

I had my glucose test today…I passed!! Yeah for me :-) I was at a 74, 70-99 is considered normal for the fasting test – so I actually tested low. It was actually a good appointment; I gained 4 lbs since my last appointment (4 weeks ago).

Baby is still breech, but still has plenty of time to flip between now and the end of July. Our next appointment is in three weeks, instead of four. This will make time go much faster, especially with all that is going on this month. We are going to have an ultrasound at the next visit – we can’t wait! The dr. knows we don’t want to find out the sex, so there will be no surprises…because the dr. knows not to even look!!!

Heartbeat was at 137 – the myth would say baby is a boy…but we know it is just a myth! Mom said that my heartbeat made everyone think I was a boy too!

Chad’s sister gets married this weekend, I MIGHT post pictures of me in the dress. The dress itself is really – really cute…just not so sure how a 7 month pregnant women will look in it!! (but no one will be looking at me, so it doesn’t matter!!)
Can’t think of anything else for now…


Anonymous said...

You sound so excited .......and I know what good parents you will be.
I can't believe it was 25 years ago this week that I was anticipating your birth............see how excited I was also!! Babies are so precious but then they grow more precious as the years go on---even to the age of 25!! Love, Mom

Anonymous said...

Hey good looking :-) I would say you are really looking pregant! Can't wait to put my hands all over your belly and feel the little Preister kick, move and be naughty!

My hope is to come home next weekend -- are you going to go down for state track? Call me sometime :-) Lots of love --- your favorite "non-pregnant" sister :-)

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