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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

flipped - flopped

How exciting was yesterday's appointment!?!?!?!

We got to have our third and final ultrasound, and it was just amazing!!! I will try to post a picture later, the one I scanned in this morning you can't see anything!

Because the baby is much bigger now than at our last u/s it was hard to see things at first, but once you get the image - you can see it very easily! Baby has flipped into birthing position, which I am very happy about!

He/she is a thumb sucker! Baby was sleeping for most of the ultrasound, we could see the eyes flutter from REM sleep the dr. said. (I think I got winked at, but who do you believe?!) We also got a good foot shot, much-much bigger than 10 weeks ago! When the dr. did various measurments he said that the femer measured a little long, so maybe we will have a long baby (like it's daddy!) Also measured the head, seems so big already - now I am scared!

Baby weighs about 3.6 lbs now, seems big to me! If I got full term that would put baby around 8 lbs. But - there is a chance I could be going we will see what life brings us!

We got to hear the heartbeat, that is always fun! I think I could listen to that for hours. I start going back every two weeks, for the next two apointments. Then, I am every week! This will make time go so quickly - hard to imagine but in 7 weeks or so, this little guy/girl could be here.

Start placing your bets...when and what?!?!!!!!


Anonymous said...

how exciting! i can't wait to see pictures! i've heard things about babies that were thumb/arm suckers in the womb coming out with hicky type marks on them, it'll be interesting to see.

i'm going to make my guess now. i'm saying... july 14th. 3:17pm :)


Anonymous said...

july 21st and a girl!!! or maybe my birthday!!!a boy is fine too !!cause u know i am gonna spoil it boy or girl-just a little(lol)i think u know who this is!!

love ya
guess who

The Preister's said...

gee - I wonder who that second post is!!!!!

I know you will do a great job in the spoiling department, as will your sister!!

Our baby will be lucky to have you!!

See you in a about 14 hours :-)

Anonymous said...

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