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Saturday, January 29, 2011

solid fans!

We have some solid husker fans in this house I discovered today! Harper broke out his husker gear and Charli was quick to find her matching outfit! They sported their matching shirts and pants with pride all day! Charli played in the snow and got hers wet, so she is still sporting her shirt with blue pants!! :-)

wow, harper looks a little scared I see now...but I assure you he was laughing!

while our little tomboy (who told me today she was a boy while she was in my tummy, and she isn't sure why she decided to be a girl when she was born) still finds time to give attention and love to her babies. On this day her baby came to daycare with us! Most days her baby stays in bed all day, what a lucky-duck!!

she wanted me to show her 'pretty hair' picture!!
Today Charli and Colton are having a play date while his parents on are a date!! They are driving Harper a little crazy!! I am sure Charli brings out the crazy in Colton!! He is always so reserve!
Maybe they will pose for a few pictures later?!


Jen said...

That is too funny that she said she was a boy in your tummy! What a hoot!

Anonymous said...

So cute!! I like the baby's outfit! Looks familiar!!

Sheila Ferrell said...

My sister was the same way as Charli. You asked her what she wanted to be when she grew up and her response was always "a boy." Mom would fight her into a dress...many school functions and Amy was in a dress with the dingiest tennis shoes ever..that was their compromise. We would chase her out the door as she went running with no shirt on..."but William (her buddy across the street) doesn't have to wear a shirt, so why do I?"
Then our God, with his amazing sense of humor, gave her the most girlie of girls for her first born. I thought Amy was going to lose it being surrounded by pink, hair bows, nail polish and plastic necklaces.
Gotta love our tomboys!!