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Friday, November 05, 2010

thanks, but no thanks!

thanks to some computer issues, I didn't get the Halloween pictures up as quickly as I planned!!

Today our house had an unusual and busy day. Last night Charli ended up gracing our home with the stomach flu. Generally Friday's can be pretty flexible, however this was one which couldn't be! Harper had a dr. appointment, and I had two work things that I had to do today, as well as an appointment to donate blood. I am thankful to my husband who also made sacrifices today to stay home for a portion of the day, so we could try to get as many things done as we had planned. Chad took Harper to his appointment and then daycare while Charli and I "hung out at home". I then took off to donate blood, which turned into donating "double reds", for those of you who have done this before -- I would like to hear of your experiences! I felt like I was in a dream land all day, and am completely beat tonight. I then took off to take a physical capacity test for my NEW job. This was a physical endurance type of test, not a smart thing to do 30 minutes after donating. I came home to switch Chad, so he could get back to work for a few hours, and he returned so I could get into work to finish a few things up before a big computer change at the hospital. I am glad today is over!

So, I have not mentioned my new job yet...because it is very bitter sweet and I am ignoring it! However, the short story is that a friend told me of the opportunity and at each turn I wasn't sure what I should do, but kept moving forward with it. I have accepted the position of "Tobacco Prevention Coordinator" for the East Central District Health Department. This is my final week at Wiggles...and I am very sad.

Enjoy the pictures - hopefully if I get a little more organized I will have a few cute, fun, and great family pictures to share! A friend from high school took some casual and candid pictures of the family two weeks ago - and she did a great job! If you are in the market for family pictures...or any type of pictures I HIGHLY suggest her! She is just starting on her own, and did a great job of capturing my family and our personality!! (Kelly Jarecki)

he is not usually this messy while he eats! But, when he is...everyone seems to think it is pretty funny!

Harper & Charli waiting for the puppies to come in before leaving for our morning...they think it is fun to give them treats before we go!

our spooky halloween breakfast treat from last week!!

batgirl * superman

Charli was hilarious! Apparently the package for her outfit had this pose, so she thought she needed to give it each time someone took their camera out! She was adorable as batgirl, and we didn't see a duplicate all night! She was SO proud that she picked it out herself, and I must admit is a far better fit that something "girly" I would have picked for her! She reminds me almost daily that she does not like pink and purple...however blue, orange, green, red, brown, black, and white are good.

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