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Sunday, November 14, 2010

a new week, a new job!!

Chad is on his way home from hunting this weekend, he got a 4x4 this morning...that's about all I know about that! He misses the kids terribly when he is gone, and is excited to show Charli his catch in the morning!

the kids got along great all weekend, I was amazed by how grown up they can be when I just let them "be" and figure things out on their own! This also means some hurt feelings from time to time...but eventually they will need to work things out on their own!

I think they could have done this all night, if I let them!

they were so cute on the chair! I walked in, and they were just sitting TV, no toys, just the two of them! So I ran for my camera super fast, and got a few innocent, happy, and memorable moments!!

ahhhhh, right?!!

the both think the world of each other! Harper woke up from his nap before Charli today. When she finally came out, he squealed like a little piggy and followed it up with "HI!" with so much excitement!!

She is very proud of her creation here. She flipped it over here, and was building a floor so her other legos that she tossed in would be safe from the dragons.

wow, where did my little girl go? This morning she officially babysat Harper for me! I thought I could handle putting off my shower until they were in bed, which I could not stand to wait! So, she was "Charli in Charge" for a short time - and never once did I hear a scream, cry, fight, or yell! When I got out, she had him on a treasure hunt with about 20 books around him "read" him a story.
I hope you all had a great weekend! Tomorrow is the new job!!!

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Jen said...

So cute! I love morning because if Cohen gets up first, when he sees Kadence up he'll say "good morning sweetheart." melts me everytime! =)