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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Why do you Relay....

Why do you Relay?

Do you Relay because you have lost a loved one?
Do you do it because a dear friend has been crushed by what cancer can do?
Does walking mean that you show the world you will stand strong against what this beast has done?
Do you Relay for yourself?
Do you Relay for others?

I Relay because my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, before she could drink from a sippy cup.
I Relay because we had too many firsts that happened in the hospital room and at ER visits.
I Relay because I am blessed to have my daughter.
I Relay because I don't want Charli and Harper to go through what I went through.
I Relay because my grandchildren still have a chance to have a cancer free world.
I Relay because I have been scared.
I Relay because it is one fight we all are in.
I Relay because rather than be ashamed cancer has touched me, I am proud of what I have done to cancer.
I Relay because I have a mother, father, sisters, brothers, and friends who will ultimately fight this some day too...if we don't stand up to cancer.
I Relay because I have HOPE.
I Relay to REMEMBER.
I Relay to FIGHT BACK.

We care WHY you Relay. We care THAT you Relay. Cancer has made it's mark...and now it is time for us to make ours. Leave a comment and tell me WHY YOU RELAY!

Relay For Life of Platte County
June 25th - 26th
7:00 pm
Pawnee Park
Email me for details!


Anonymous said...

I relay for my son Landon who was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 3.

I relay for Charli, who has touched so many lives with her cancer journey.

I relay for my Grandma who lost her battle to cancer.

I relay for my Grandpa who lost his battle to cancer.

I relay for the 569,490 Americans that are expected to die of cancer (1500 PER DAY) in 2010!

Anonymous said...

I Relay because of Charli Ann and everything she went through so that we may Celebrate her life and enjoy every day of her life.
I Relay because I lost my Father at an early age before he even got to know Randy or Brenda.
I Relay because I also lost my Mother to cancer before she got to know my Grandchildren.
I Relay because I have cousins, neices and nephews that have been touched by this beast called cancer and celelbrate with the victory that some of them have had.
I Relay because I want to help find a cure for this Cancer so that my family will not have to live in fear of it.
I Relay because my children are so dedicated to this cause and I am so proud of them and the courage and dedication they have to help fight cancer.
I Relay because God has given me the strenght to do it and I want to Celebrate with all of the many survivors that walk the first lap.
What an inspiration to me!!!


Jen said...

Okay well your mom just made me cry...

I was going to say, I always want to relay but haven't for a few years now!

I want to relay.
I want to relay because Cancer is everywhere.
I want to relay because I know it's only a matter of time before another loved one, another child, another spouse, myself are in direct confrontation with IT.
I want to relay before I have to's too late.....

Natalie said...

I STARTED to Relay because of a great friend Brenda, and her AMAZING and INSPIRATIONAL daughter Charli Ann.
I Relay for my Grandpa (miss you)
I Relay for my Grandma (miss you too)
I Relay for my husbands Grandfathers
I Relay for all those who have been touched by cancer
I Relay for family, friends, acquaintances, and perfect strangers...who have been, may know someone, or might be touched by cancer in some way.
I Relay because I WANT to see an END to Cancer in the near future
I Relay, so that one day the ugley word CANCER will be virtually unknown and un-heard of.

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

I was originally introduced to Relay For Life when my daughter at age 25 was diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer and through a total hysterectomy is now NED for 10 years. But it wasn't until our granddaughter, Charli Ann was diagnosed in 2007, and through the encouragement of Brenda and Chad, that Bob and I became active "Relayers". Cancer has affected Bob's and my life in so many ways through our many family members and friends who have faught and survived as well as the many, many who have fought, succumbed and are now cheering us on from heaven! Relay For Life is our opportunity to see God in action, to share His love and compassion and experience miracles through raising awareness and funds to further research and ACTIVELY HELP FIND A CURE!!!!

krafty kelly said...

I Relay so that my daughter wont have to cry seeing a father walk his daughter down the isle, or leave the dance during the father daughter dance.
I relay because my kids never got to meet their grandpa.
I relay because my papa didnt win his war with this beast. (miss you SO much)
I relay for my nephew so that he can always stay NED.
I relay for Charli so that she too can always stay NED.
I relay beause no one should have to see their mother tell their husband 'it's ok to leave me' and after he is gone cry that she wont be okay.
I relay because I KNOW we will find a way to beat ALL cancers.

Anonymous said...

Brenda--I hope the relay went well...I got my response mailed late but it is on the way. Jonell K.