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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

and...the details!

I'll let the pictures do the talking...they have lots to say:-)

my best guess is that Goldilocks here couldn't find the comfy spot in the bed!

she loves to do this to everyone who comes over! her dad loves it too...however, doesn't so much love me taking pictures of it!

showing me he was 'so big' after eating a chocolate chip cookie!

you can kind of see the remains of the bruise on his head, one of many to come! this one, believe it or not, had nothing to do with big sister.

ahhh, the memories!! While in Colorado it was discovered that the kids on Chad's side of the family never get to celebrate any birthdays together. So, Jen was kind enough to throw a "surprise" birthday party for everyone! (sneaky-sneaky...we kept it secret from everyone!!) Justin even HAND-made party hats...Charli was not a fan sadly. (results of four days without a nap!) She quickly recovered as you will soon see!

hat off and ringpop in hand...makes all happy again!! Charli and Conner enjoying the party!

I guess this was the party entertainment! They got to fly kites together with grandma and grandpa and had fun! Charli's kit did really was a little piggy!

just chill'n waiting for his breakfast!

Charli got to wake up to a 'super cool' surprise on Saturday afternoon! Her daddy bought her this pink 4-wheeler! It is as real as the sky is blue...and they love to have this hobby to share!! She wouldn't let us drive, but she gave us both a ride!! When she is riding alone she wears a little dora helmet...and she looks so little on it! She drove it for a long time, until her "thumb hurt" from driving so long!! It was also 'hat' day! I had a hat on, so she had to have one on too!

she picked out her own outfit this day. Her shirt says "Will trade brother for tractor"! I think this picture is so cute, and totally fits her personality right now. Do you agree?!

She begged us to give him a ride!

getting ready to head out for the 4th Annual Charli's Angels Poker Run! We had beautiful weather...amazing! We couldn't have planned it better ourselves :-) We had a really great turnout. I need to verify everything, but I would guess that we had around 140-150 people and raised close to $2,100. We will donate this money to CureSearch and Angels Among Us this year! A major thanks to all who came out for the event and those who helped make the day possible!! Someone from Mexico, his name was Oscar, was passing thru and wanted to donate to our event, and several who were there enjoying their Sunday afternoon also wanted to contribute, such kind people in this world! Oscar was so cute! He wanted to met Charli, and give her a high-five! He asked her for a 'high-five' and she slapped his hand so hard, it made him smile and touch her cheek. She made his day! It is so much fun to see those who have come all four years, and humbling when we talk to someone new who has been touched by cancer. This year it was a man who lost his wife about 5 years ago. He asked me "why do you do it? I mean, I know why you do it. But WHY do you do it?" I explained to him why we do these things, and he said "I hope you know I will require a hug when we are finished here." Those are the reasons I do it!

Grandpa and Harper

Grandpa was a busy boy trying to play with Harper and Charli

Charli and Harper are loving their tent and tunnel this week!

Charli on her first day of Vacation Bible School! It was so strange to leave her there. Our church shares this event with another church, and this year VBS is at their location. It felt so strange to leave her in a new big building with so many strangers. She doesn't seem big enough to do these things. Of course it makes me smile with thankfulness that we get to do these things with her...and smirk in amazement in all she is going to accomplish.

she thought we needed a "group" shot that morning too! I guess, it was mom's first day of vacation bible school too...and really that deserves not only a picture, but an award ceremony. I mean have been there -- it is HARD work to let your baby go...

bath time got a lot easier :-) Actually, about the time that she wants to give him baths is about the time that she wants to start taking showers! She is a good scrubber for him, and gets his back very clean while they play! As you can see, he doesn't mind! He officially has two mothers!


Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

What fun pictures, Brenda. Yes, I have to agree that the annimated one of Charli in the yellow shirt definitely reflects her current personality! Your little family is truly blessed and we are blessed to be a part of it! XXXXOOOOPPPP

Anonymous said...

These are soooo cute! Oh my gosh, I love the pink 4 wheeler! Landon would be so jealous!! I cannot believe how big our kiddos have gotten. We have to get them together this year for sure. Love the pics, as always, and Brenda YOU look great!
Love ya,