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What started out as a site to update on our daughter's cancer has thankfully grown into a site to update on our beautiful family of four. Enjoy our journey...

Sunday, June 13, 2010

i'll tell you a secret

Charli has really shown her grown up colors this week. She looks more grown up, she acts more grown up, and it is obvious to us that she just IS more grown up. When did it happen? I look at Harper and try to remember the days between when Charli was that age and now - and it all blurs together. It makes me so sad to realize how quickly their little lives change. In the meantime we make the most of the minutes we have!!

Our Church's Relay For Life team is raising money to decorate bags in honor of Charli and another friend, Andy, from our church. It is humbling to see all that people are willing to do to honor your child. Words can't explain it!

Harper will be turning one in a few days,when did I become the mom of a 1-year old and a 4-year old?! I imagine my next post will be of our big boy and his birthday celebrations! :-)

enjoying an m&m ice cream sandwhich --> they looked delicious!

seriously, charli pops up in the most unusual places! yep...this would be Charli in the refrigerator.

harper enjoyed the slip-n-slide that Charli got for her birthday from Aunt Jen! He didn't attempt to walk down it alone, but did have a great time!

Charli had a great time as well!! Sadly for our yard, we have gotten about 8" of rain this week so the grass was a mess after our playdate with the slip-n-slide! The water was cold, the air was hot...and of course the time was too short!

so pretty :-)

monkey see -- monkey do at our house. Charli was shaking her cup of chocolate milk and harper thought he needed to dot he same with his cup. His sippy cup didn't have a stopper in it - and it went all over!! He will copy about anything she does - lovely.

she is a great-big helper! She can shave about 10 minutes off our mornings if we are all having a good day!

Chad took the kids to the shop to play Saturday morning! Charli is getting more confident on her 4-wheeler and it is obvious that she will be loving this for a long time!

Charli at vacation bible school this week! She had so much fun!!

Charli and her friend Lily from VBS and Sunday school

Charli was SO excited to have Harper and Daddy at her program!

this was such a proud moment for me! She was a great singer and dancer! She really did a good job, as did the other kids! It was an unusual feeling to drop her off Monday morning for VBS. I remember years ago realizing that these milestones would be big for us...her first day at kindergarten, first preschool snack, vacation bible school, sleep over, etc -- these are things that I knew would all happen as we got closer to her "5 years out". And, these milestones will not be taken for granted at this house - that is for sure!!

Harper was excited to be there to support his big sister too! He loved the music and loved the open space to walk around!

Harper can make a great mess when left alone!

lil miss independent! She will now not only pick out her clothes and dress herself but also comb her hair and put her barrette in! Who needs a mom, when you are almost four.


AndreaChad said...

A slip 'n' slide sounds like so much fun...guess I will wait until next summer to get one for me though! HA! Glad that VBS went so well!

Deqlan said...

the kids are growing so quickly and charli , just as gorgeous as ever, Harper, as cute as a button cant believe he is nearly 1!!! time has flown!!!

Sheila Ferrell said...

I still read your blog all the time. It is so great to watch Ms Charli and Harper grow up. I am so blessed to watch through this internet window and into their world. It amazes me that she is almost 4, an absolute miracle! I pray for each of you and I look forward to each milestone that you share with us!
Love, hugs and miracles kisses from South Texas, Sheila

Kelly said...

Reading your story reminds me of an author in a very similar situation. Alesia Shute is a childhood cancer survivor and wrote her story. Check out her website because the two of you might be able to help each other.

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Every time we see the kids we are amazed at how much they have grown and are changing. I know you know this, but I will tell you anyway...cherish these moments...every single one. They will bring a smile to your face many years down the road, just when you need something to make you smile! We love you! XXXXOOOOPPPP

Natalie said...

Oh my...great pictures as usual! I just love all of Charli's expressions! (The pic of Harper at church looks like he's wearing a square hat! LOL) Can't wait to hear about all of the Milestones Charli hits in her lifetime... many many many more!!