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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Harper!

Harper had a great birthday, and big sister did great with him getting all the presents and "attention".

He just woke up different yesterday!! He is more cuddly now, he is even more goofy, he has a different personalty - is that possible?! Charli thought it was hilarious that he went to bed at "zero" and woke up Saturday "one"!

He got a ton of presents, more than I thought were even out there! He got an awesome cellphone that transforms into a CAT truck, jack in the box, lawn mower, awesome tractor he loves from grandma and grandpa, a fun bench is trying to learn to climb, fun trucks, clothes, and maybe his favorite...a camo hat! He is really loving his mower and the hat - among everything else he has also given special attention to today!

He was funny to watch eat his cake! There is a before and after picture below...he ate the frosting circles one by one before he event paid attention to the rest of the cake. We had to poke a hole in the frosting to show him what was under the sugar! (more sugar!)

he got two pair of excavator PJ's! right up his alley! I guess it is a good thing I haven't been shopping for so long, or I would have snatched them up too!!

the "after"

the hat made him smile the second it was put on this little round head!

hanging out with dad, reading the JD magazine

he picked the blue, then red, then dark blue circles..then picked at his name! wouldn't flip for me!! :-)

I'll post more pictures later, my memory card was full, so my sister took over as photographer, and I have to wait for her to send me the pictures!! So...maybe if I mention it here, she will be reminded to go do it now...hint-hint Rachelle :-)


AndreaChad said...

Can't believe that he is 1 already! Happy Birthday Harper!

Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Dear Harper...

He looks so dang cute in the hat! Love the cakes too! :)

Deqlan said...

happy 1st birthday harper, looked like you had an awesome party!lots of love and hugs mark samm deqlan logan