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Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Relay For Life

The following is a letter I will be sending out to some, those who I have addresses for! Please take a minute to read it. Please consider making a donation to our team. We have such passion for what we are doing with the ACS and are working extremely hard to make finding a cure a reality in our lifetime!! It takes a lot of work, a lot of dedication, and a lot of faith...but it WILL happen! Please don't think that you need make a large donation to make a difference. I will say this for the rest of my life, if ten of you can make a $10 donation, that $100 will make the same impact as someone who is able to donate $100!! Each dollar is important and life altering for someone out there...someone we may never know, or that someone may be one of us.

Contact me to find out how to submit a donation. In the coming days I will have my Relay webpage set up and an online donation will be an option as well. I just haven't gotten there yet!

Thanks for all of your support in our fight!

Relay For Life of Platte County
June 25-26, 2010
Pawnee Park – Columbus, NE

Celebrating a world with more birthdays!

Like 2008, in 2009 our Relay For Life team, Charli’s Angels, was the #2 team of the county thanks to you and your generosity! Thank you for helping to change and save lives with the over $20,000 that was raised by our team! With your help we are certainly making an impact around the world!

2010 has been filled with joy all around us! In March Charli received great results from her scans, and was given the “all clear” for a FULL YEAR!! This year the relay will help mark her 3rd year of no evidence of disease! This is all thanks to the help and sacrifice people have made years before we were down this road. That is why it is so important for us to help now…down the road someone else will need our help more than ever.

Raising money for cancer research and advocacy is like taking out a life insurance plan…it is something we would like to never use, but know that someone we love may need this help and greatly benefit from our hard work.

Your donation to the Relay For Life will help bring HOPE to people currently battling cancer, and to everyone who may face it in the future. None of us know when we will be touched with cancer next. Through the efforts of the Relay For Life you can also remember someone who has been affected by cancer by honoring them with a luminary.

Funds raised through the American Cancer Society’s Relay For Life are used for research, advocacy, education, treatment, and also patient and community services. As we all know these cannot, and will not, happen without awareness - so we really need your help!

We invite you to come and enjoy the celebration of life and as we honor those who have been fighting so hard and fight back for those who are not able. Together we are making a difference and changing the world…come enjoy what you are making possible!! THANK YOU, on behalf of those you will be helping who are unable to thank you themselves, for all of your to help find a CURE in our lifetime!
Donation or Luminaria Form ($10 per luminary)

FROM: _____________________
PHONE: ____________________
Amount Enclosed $____________
(Please make checks payable to the American Cancer Society)
(Please use back if more space is needed!)
IN HONOR OF: _______________ IN MEMORY OF: _______________
special message:________________ special message:__________________

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