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Monday, April 05, 2010

busy days and busy nights

We had a busy weekend, which ended with a "bang" I guess. Randy and family were up from Arkansas and we celebrated Grant's big first birthday! He had a swimming party, which his older brother, Cohen, loved!! We went out to the farm Friday - Sunday and the kids got to play together and burn a lot of energy! The evening ended with two sick kids at our house (and one sick birthday boy at the farm)...which was an event that took us well into the morning hours! Charli has a cold/cough which she is doing well with...she coughs a lot in her sleep but seems to be resting okay. Harper has an cold & ear infection and the cold seems to be settled in his eyes makes him looks a mess. So far he is sleeping far-far better than last night, the meds should help his ears and we will get this behind us, not soon enough! Having both kids sick at once makes everything a little less fun:-)

big sister can make some things so much easier now!

Harper tonight! You can see his eyes are glassy and pink..but he gives it his all to still be his happy self!

the three amigos! These are the only girls on the borg side, and they are so much fun together! such crazy hair after jumping on the trampoline!

Harper & Charli on Easter...impossible to get a decent picture of them together with so many fun things going on!

Ryen - 7, Macey -4, Charli -3

Chad and Ryen hiding eggs!

Harper & Ryen

these kids were having so much fun with grandpa!
Ryen - Charli - Macey - Colton - Cohen

Harper didn't swim because we could tell he was not feeling his normal self...I am sure he will enjoy the water plenty this summer!

this is a picture of my dad as a baby...I have had so many people tell me that Harper looks like him! I can see my nephew Derek from time to time too...what a handsome little boy my daddy was :-)

no fair. we NEVER got to jump on the furniture when I was little...these kids get to do it all the time!! And, grandma and grandpa turn their head like they don't even know it's going on. PLEASE!!!

cheese-balls!!! Thumbs up if Brenda is the coolest! Yep...I knew it :-)

Harper got his first haircut Friday night. Boys are such high maintenance things with their routine haircuts!

Charli never gets tired of seeing Harper stand up! Each time he does it she get so excited like it was his first time! He pulls himself up to everything all the time, and each time she yells so I can see what buddy is doing now. She is so proud of him!


Natalie said...

Sorry to hear that your house isn't feeling well...I'm sure that does stink! Looks like Charli enjoyed her Easter with the cousins...all those Borg grandkids are so dang cute! :) Your dad was quite the cutie...and yes, I can see Harper in there somewhere!! :)

NB Warrior said...

I love the pictures! Is Charli standing on something or is she really that much taller than her 7 year old cousin?? ;o)

I would agree, Harper has a lot of your dad in him. Its funny how they look so much like us and our parents. He is getting so big too!

The Preister's said...

Michelle...Charli is taller than her 4-year old cousin (Macey) but the 7-year old (Ryen) was on her knees!! I think Charli looks so "propper" in this picture...totally her, right?!! :-)
good to hear from you!