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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

i'm the big-big sister :-)

Charli is really getting in to the "big sister" role in her world this week! She at one point said she would not go by Chalri anymore, but we were to call her "the big-big sister"!!! So, we feed into it!!

She is getting so attached to her music and bedtime prayers and can sign each song with me word for word, and then will sing them almost perfect alone and will say her prayers wtih us too!! So, if anyone needs "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", "Jesus Loves Me", or "You Are My Sunshine" sang at an upcoming event - book her now :-)

Today Chad and Charli took their almost daily trip to the park and Charli biffed it pretty good. She has learned to walk herself up the slide and I guess that is how it happened! I have to give her credit though, she does not give up! She can get 3/4 of the way up the slide and end up sliding down on her tummy...and get right back up there to walk up again until she reaches the top!

We had a doctors appointment last night - heartbeat was around 140-150 -- right in the middle for those who like to predict boy/girl based on that!!

enjoy the pictures :-)

look at my fat lips mom!

rocking her baby, feeding her a bottle, and keeping her warm with a silky!

right after this she asked me to "roll her up to she shoulders mom" - and she showed me how to swaddle her up!! too funny!

she wanted a picture of her shoes!

just for fun :D


Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

*OUCH* That looks like it hurts a little...but knowing Charli, I'm sure it didn't slow her down a bit! Cute pictures...glad to see she is practicing to be not only the big sister, but big helper, too! XXXOOOPPP

Rachelle said...

That is so awesome that Charli can sign all those songs! Terrific! Sorry about the fat lip - hope she is okay!

The Wiechman's said...

We are all excited for Charli's Big Sister moment! I can't wait to hear the news...also have fun at your poker run, I think you said it was this weekend.

Take some time to rest these next couple of weeks before you are swaddling and diaper changing again :)

stacy from michigan said...

Charli is going make a wonderful big sister! How is it your post can still bring tears to my eyes?? Sending prayers your way.