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Friday, June 12, 2009

Cinderella - Cinderella

Charli had a great time this week playing with two of her grandma's who came to watch her while we didn't have daycare this week!! Grandma Preister brought bubbles one of the days - and it looks as if Charli decided she wanted to catch them with her mouth! She also had a lot of fun drawing on her chalkboard and also coloring all over the driveway!

Today Charli and I got to go play with Braxton for a few hours and babysit, he was very easy for it will be easy to go back :-)

When we got home this afternoon she spent well over an hour cleaning her slide off! She was so good at getting the top, sides, and even underneath the slide! She was funny to watch, it was a big and important project for her!!

deep in her creativity!

grandpa and Charli at the poker run




Deqlan said...

Hello guys! What lovely photos Charli you are growing so quickly and Brenda your tummy to! We are so excited to hear all about the new baby and i think my moneys on a girl....but boy or girl will be so lvoed and treasured by your family and Charli will make the best big sister ever! Brenda, take it easy and enjoy the last few days of 'calm' before your new beautiful baby arrives in the world! God Bles, keep you safe and strong and baby healthy and happy to! Love and prayers for you all Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

The Wiechman's said...

So cute that she is cleaning her slide...Gavin could care less if his little slide was dirty. Take it easy these last few days as a family of 3...I am excited to hear the annoucement!