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Saturday, June 06, 2009

'i love the circus'

Charli had her first circus experience last night! She thought it was pretty cool! She was excited to see a monkey (which she didn't see) because "I really love monkeys" she told me! But she did not want to see camels, because she was afraid of them!! Good thing they weren't there!!

Grandma and Grandpa Preister met us there for the big night and Charli enjoyed most of the circus attached to them. During intermission Grandpa took her to ride on a pony and go down a big slide! She wanted nothing to do with riding on the elephant, maybe next year?!!

Before the circus got started a clown named Maverick came up to Charli and said that she needed to find him after the show for something special. We didn't really know what that was about, but thought it was special so we were all looking forward to seeing what it was!

After the show we went to find Mr. Maverick the clown and he told Charli that he wore small hearts under his eyes to show the little kids how much he loves them and wants them to have fun, and at each show he wears a special ring that has a heart on it too...and at some shows he picks a very special kiddo to give his ring to - and he picked Charli!! So he put the ring on Charli's finger, and she was so proud of it!!! Then Grandpa took her back to the souvenir booth to buy a balloon!!! She was so happy when we left, and had such a good time - I am SO glad we took her!!

On our way to the car Grandpa told her that next year we would come back and bring baby Braxton and the baby in mommy's which I said she would rather leave the "babies" at home and go along probably!! She followed that up with something about leaving the baby AT the circus!! :-)

Thanks grandma and grandpa for making the circus special for her...she was talking about it first thing this morning -- she went to the circus with grandma and grandpa (forget that WE were there, right?!!) and she got to sit on grandmas lap to see the guys fall over and be silly!!

Charli and Maverick

Grandpa and Charli...they look pretty proud of each other I would say!

BIG elephant!!

she looks so little on that big slide!

mmmm, ice :-)

Chad thinks this might have been HIS first circus too, but his dad says no!! Either way...the first one he remembers! What a big night for these two :-)

getting ready for it to start!!

she loved this pony ride, she even "wore my seat belt mom"...the saddle had a leather harness for the kids to fasten!!


Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

I watched Maverick as he surveyed the crowd before the start of the show and when his eyes fell on Charli, sitting on my lap, he said, "She's the one!" What I'm wondering is how did he know she is so special? What a memorable night it was! Thank you for letting us join you...I LOVE THE CIRCUS, too! XXOOPP Grma P

Anonymous said...

I am envious.......and I wish I could have been at the circus also!!! Maybe next time....thanks, though, for inviting us also.
G-ma B.

Rachelle said...

How fun! Tommie and I took the girls to the afternoon show - they had never been to a circus either and had a lot of fun! That was so sweet of the clown to give Charli his ring! And way too funny about leaving the new baby at the circus!

Deqlan said...

aaaawww Charli the circus looked like so much fun! cant wait to take Deqlan to! You are going to be such a good big sister and cousin, cause you can explain to the babies whats happening! hugs and prayers love mark samm deqlan logan