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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Miss America to shave her head!!!!

I got this in an email from a mom I met while our kids where in treatment. Mackenzie is the same age as Charli...and a little dolly! You can visit her site which is linked to the right. Please pass this story on, either via your blog, email, text, phone calls, whatever!! It would be great for her to get a lot of recognition and respect for what she is doing, she is very brave!! My own daughter went through this, and I don't have the courage to shave my head!!!!

This morning I watched Good Morning America with my daughter Mackenzie preparing her for her CT and MIBG injection she had scheduled later this morning and Miss America was being interviewed regarding her shaving her head, she said she was doing this for Pediatric Cancer Awareness and raising funds for research, she is having her head shaved April 11th and ABC Good Morning America is going air it. Our Miss America got approval from the Pagent committee to do this and she said she was involved in helping our cancer children. She mentioned how one little girl going thru treatment told her all she wanted for Christmas was hair and how she got picked on in school being called a boy, Miss America said she was going to show up at her school wearing a wig and then showing her classmates her bald head. How amazing Miss America is!

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