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What started out as a site to update on our daughter's cancer has thankfully grown into a site to update on our beautiful family of four. Enjoy our journey...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Today was our two-year celebration!!! We really enjoyed our day, and tonight when we put Charli in to bed we hugged her tighter, kissed her more, and told her we loved her many extra times!

Saturday Chad and I took a day trip to Lincoln for a wedding while Charli got to spend the day with Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brad! I think they had a great time together, and got to do many fun things! Although, I think she was not a good play date for Uncle Brad! Sometimes I think that Chad picks on her so much that she tends to not like to play with boys all together!! (not all bad I guess!! ha)

Today we took a nice walk around our neighborhood that I thought would tucker Charli out, but didn't!! We came home, ate a good snack, and played outside! She loved to be on the swing set her dad built last year, and enjoyed running around the yard. We wish we had a bigger yard for her to run around in!!

Tonight we had our pizza-party. Charli was so excited to go to the "pizza party" and she talked about it all day! Chad tried to get her to understand or at least try to grasp why we were celebrating, but she thought it was because she got to see her cousin Colton and "his brothers" she said!! As you will see, they both got to enjoy RING POPS courtesy of Grandpa Preister!

I think we had 32 people at the party tonight!! It was a great time to thank everyone for all the support they have given us over the past two years! Most of everyone who made it are people we get to see fairly often, but there are a few that we don't get to see often at all...and it was nice to have everyone together! It was just a nice-nice time I think - I hope they thought so to!

So...we are ending this day/weekend on a high note! I heard someone say "she sure is doing much better than she was two years ago tonight". I can remember the pj's she was wearing that night and the color of bottle we tried to feed her with -- among all the memories I have of the past two years, my favorite was the smile she gave me tonight when she said "mom, come on..." as she was carrying her stuff out of the party room at Pizza Hut!! She has grown up and out of being that "sick little girl with cancer". She is a miracle, a blessing, and all of the things I could ever want wrapped up into 29 lbs of LOVE! I can not even put into words the pride and abundance of love I am feeling I will just sign off!!

Thanks to those who were able to share a few memories, it is fun to see her life through the eyes of others :-)

climbing the steps to her slide!

"say cheese mommy"

wow - she was not expecting Chad to sweep her away!!

racing with dad!

before her party!

the cute ice cream cake Aunt Amanda and Uncle Brad brought!!

showing grandpa her tongue after having her purple RINGPOP!

I can't remember what color Colton maybe?!!

I just love this pictures, pretty green eyes!!

ready to go!!


AndreaChad said...

Brenda...I am so glad that you celebrated this day and remembered all the good from the past 2 years(and not all the crappy feelings)! I very vividly remember the day I found out...I remember exactly what I was doing and what Calla was wearing too...your experiences over the last few years and all that you have blogged have brought me to a greater understanding of God and all that I have to be thankful for. Thanks for being a great inspiration and may His face continue to shine upon your family!!! Love you!

The Wiechman's said...

I think about your family a lot, but I thought about you much more this weekend and want you to know that you are so many things to me. An inspiration, wonderful friend, fantastic mother and so much more. I know you didn't plan on Charli fighting this fight, but I want you to know that she has made me and my family grow and appreciate the time that we have. Love ya!

Vinton and Jodi Johnson said...

Brenda, I too remember the day I found out about Charli. I saw Rashelle at the drive-up at the bank and she told me about her. Then I read your blog and I cried and cried for you, Chad and your precious little girl. I thank God every night for the 3 blessings that he has given us! I don't think I could be as strong as you have been the last 2 years! Your strength and guidence from up above have got you through this. Love you and miss you!!

Cris said...

I love the monkeys!! What a hero and inspiration you are!! Congrats on celebrating 2 years and how fitting that Preister #4 was there celebrating with you!!

Rachelle said...

I'm so happy you all had a great party. You have many, many reasons to celebrate! Great pictures ~ I love the one of Charli running. The monkey cake is awesome!

Deqlan said...

Hooray for Charli!! Congratulations on being such a beautiful inpsiration and survivor - for giving so many others hope and for brightening our days when we come and check in on your blog - your cute smile and stories are a treasure! God bless, and prayers for a hundred more years of NED! Love Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

The Hudcaps said...

You always make me cry!! I'm so happy you guys have these landmarks so celebrate after what must have seemed surreal and nightmarish. You make me proud. Charli has blessed us all with her inspirational story and triumphs.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the party went well and what a CUTE CUTE cake she had! I love these pics of Charli, she's growing so fast.
HUGS from IA,

stacy from michigan said...

Brenda you are such an ispiration to many...and Charli is a true miracle. Thank you for sharing.

Emilio said...

Good Bloog my friend!! Congratulations!!

good luck!! See you!