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Sunday, March 08, 2009

I really can't think of much to write about tonight, maybe my mind is tired...:-)

I sang at a wedding this weekend, and it seems like it has been while since I have been at a wedding! I enjoyed listening to the message and the phrase "marriage is about self sacrifice and not self fulfillment" stuck with me. I thought about that phrase and wondered when the last time I truly made a self sacrifice for my marriage. I can't really come up with anything, so today I watched turkey hunting with Chad as a way to TRY to start self sacrifice!!!! Baby steps???

this was me Thursday morning...23.5 weeks

Charli's friend Elli (and friends) made this picture for Charli and gave it to her last weekend! It is super cute!!!

I have been feeling the baby move a lot this weekend. Chad officially got kicked in the head this weekend by his second born :-) Charli even got kicked...but I don't think she realized what it was! She has been really talking about the baby this weekend...showing her grandma and grandpa where the new baby will sleep after it is ready and out of mommy's tummy!! She is starting to put a lot of thought into her words and is very fun to be around her!!
Have a great week everyone :-)


Anonymous said...

Look AT YOU!! You look great Brenda...of course!! So awesome that you're feeling movements from the baby, I can't wait! Have a great week!!

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

We are sooooo excited for you! It is so awesome to feel the baby move. You look wonderful, Brenda! We're glad Charli is getting "into" her new sibling coming. We enjoyed spending some time with her last Thursday. She is such fun! XXOOPP

The Hudcaps said...

It's so much fun to hear their thoughts!!

Rachelle said...

You look fantastic and the baby's room looks really cute! Sounds like Charli is excited about her new brother or sister! How was the turkey hunting?!?

Natalie said...

I love the frame Charli got from her friends...I can get some great ideas from that!! :) you know I'm gonna have to ask to feel the baby kicking one of these days...something I long for...and hopefully will feel in some way eventually! :)