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Friday, December 14, 2007

We Thank God!

So, today was an interesting day! I dropped Charli off at daycare and when I took her hat off I noticed that her left eye looked red (the one that had trouble last week). Lynn confirmed that I was not seeing things! So, trying to be proactive I ran home to get the cream we used on her last week and I left messages for her doctors.

Basically we were told to continue the medicine and keep her away from kids for 24 hours again. Luckily we started the meds much sooner this time, so I don't expect it to get anything like it was last week. But, the question still arises...what is making it do this. I am hoping that we just didn't treat it long enough last time.

So, I got to spend about 3/4 of my day with Charli. Which...I loved, but I am sure my work didn't like. It is times like these that make it impossible to work full-time. It seems like it is always something!!

We found out today that Charli is scheduled for surgery on January 11th, that is only three weeks from today. She will have her port removed and her routine CT scan done. We expect to be home later that evening. I am excited to be to the point were we can remove Charli's port. At the same time I am so nervous too. Having the port gives us all some sort of security and a "safe" feeling. For one, any time that she has a scan or problem in the future she will need to have an IV rather than just accessing her port. That alone is enough to stress me out. Secondly, it feels like once we remove the port "something" will happen. Kind of like, when you stop your insurance and THEN you get in an accident...that is how I feel about it!

Either way, it is coming out and that means that she has been free and clear for long enough that her doctors feel comfortable taking this step and that is GREAT.

We have the Taake Family Christmas (my mom's side) this weekend. Sadly, it is going to be much smaller than normal. Due to sickness and bad weather I think we are going to be missing a few people, in addition to those who can not make it for other reasons. I know my mom is pretty sad to have a "smaller" crowd, but I think it is still amazing that everyone makes an effort to make it work yet! I am sure I will have some pictures to post after the weekend...Charli will get to go swimming again, YAY!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!

taking a ride with my baby!

taking my baby for a ride!!

I like to rock my babies...all at once!!

if you look closely, I am trying to feed my bear my sippy cup!!

lovely side effect of teething for Charli...she wants to bite the carpet. She is strange...we know!

my new snow boots!!

Has anyone seen Charli?!

She *thinks* she is helping feed the dogs...can someone tell her that she's WRONG!

hmmm, I'll give you one guess who taught her this!...he is standing in the corner of this picture - naughty Wynston!!

Yep, haven't outgrown it yet...I still eat people!!!!


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Anonymous said...

I love your pics! I am glad her eye is doing better and that you were so proactive about treating it. Nice work Momma! What great news about her port-BUT-I can totally understand your thoughts of "something will happen". It's normal to feel that way-just keep thinking positive thoughts and this is a MAJOR step in the RIGHT direction and HUGE milestone for you guys!!!! YEAH!!! Can't wait to see Christmas pics!

The Wiechman's said...

Love the pictures. Glad to hear that they can remove the port...that is very exciting! Hope her eye gets better!

Anonymous said...

Love love love the pictures of Charli hiding in the boxes!