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Saturday, December 08, 2007

Thank you!!

A great big thank you to the BAND OF PARENTS for all that they are doing to not only raise awareness to Neuroblastoma, but also raise money for special treatment for kids that need it more than anything else. We did order a few boxes of their GREAT cookies, and received them yesterday. Below are pictures of Charli enjoying a cookie after supper tonight!!

I have no idea if anyone who is involved with this group will look at Charli's site, or if any of you purchased cookies....but to those who helped the Band of Parents by organizing and/or helping with their efforts - including those of you who purchased cookies, a deep heartfelt thank you goes out to you!!

I know that Charli enjoyed the cookie, but not nearly as much as those who desperately need the treatments that may become available because of the hard work these group of parents have done!

PS - look at all her hair!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I WAS checking out her hair in ALL the pictures!!!!! I can't wait to 'style' it soon!!! Looks like she enjoyed her cookie!:) ~Amanda

Anonymous said...

So glad Charlis eye looking better ! Glad to see her playing in the snow - something we dont get here in South Africa over Christmas-we have son! Glad you are playing a huge part in the band of parents and hope that we can help raise more and more each day to help our kids! God Bless and thank you to you and your Mom, for all your prayers and support and please continue to think of Deqlan on his surgery day, 11 Dec
Hugs for Charli, enjoy the snow, thoughts and prayers continue
Love Samm

The Wiechman's said...

WoW! Where do I start, you had a busy posting weekend! Love all of the pictures. I have to say that everytime I see kids in snow suites I think of the Christmas story when his brother is stuck in the snow and can't get up, and he is saying "Ralphie, Ralphie!" Anyway, her eye looks great too!

Anonymous said...

Love the pink snow glad the eye is better. Hope to see you all soon. XXOOPP Grma P