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Friday, September 17, 2010

super excited

This pictures are not in order, but they are here...that is the important part!

Tuesday we took Charli to see Nickelodeon Storytime Live...and she LOVED it! We didn't tell her where we were going, but that we were going to a surprise - which she thought would be the circus, of course! When we got there she started to catch on that it was going to be "big", and enjoyed it so much! So much so that when it was over she was upset! Harper stayed at Lynn's house for several reasons (he wouldn't have sat still for it, we would have had to pay for a ticket for him and then two tickets (his and one of ours) would be wasted while we played in the hall, etc!!). The short version of why he wasn't going was that he wouldn't have fun, is what we told Charli. About 30 minutes into the show Charli came over to me and said "next time let's bring Harper, he would like it mom!"!!!! She really did love it, and so did I! I wish I could take her to do fun things ALL THE TIME!!

the catch of the day!!!

the family watching it rain!!


my friend Kelly made this awesome table-cover tent...the kids are in love with it!! One side is the windows above, a door on another...and these are the other two cute sides!!

adorable!! Kelly put so much work into this looks amazing! If anyone is interested in one of these for your kids/grandkids I will get you two in touch!

a beautiful site on our way home from the show in Lincoln...

Charli following Dora's directions and jumping to reach a star!!!

the priceless face of a child!! This is when Charli saw "Moose A Moose" and "Z" walk on stage!!

She figured it out!! Here she was pretty sure that "Dora or someone like her" was going to be here today"!!!! When it was over she cried a bit because she wanted to give Dora a hug and kiss!! "or at least a hug"!!!

a trip to the park after our picnic last weekend. Harper is not very good at "just being one". He wants to do everything Charli does and gets so angry when he is not allowed!! His favorite toy is dirt -- and anything Charli is playing with at the moment!!

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The Wiechman's said...

Gavin got to see Dora that same day, but at the zoo! He hugged her and got his picture taken and everything!