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Thursday, September 09, 2010

it always matters...

a friend posted last night about the quality of life, and it made me reflect a lot. September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, and all of you know our past...and what we went through. What you may not know is how we vowed to make each moment special, even the moments which may seem "everyday". When Charli was diagnosed I started a 'thankful' journal. Each night I would write down one memory from that day that I never wanted to forget or take for granted. I still do it to this day, and it amazes me how just one simple word can trigger a flow of emotions from that day. Now, I am not saying that it makes each day as unforgettable as I want it to be...but it sure helps me remember how much joy we can find in the simple things. Thanks for the reminder Jen! (ironically enough it was her sister Linda who got me started on the journal!)

Enjoy the pictures which haven't been posted for awhile. Not a lot of new things to talk about. Harper finally broke his 4th tooth thru (barley!!) and Charli has turned into a big girl over night. We now have a 4-year old who can get out of bed, get dressed, take herself to the bathroom, wash her hands, brush her teeth, and get her breakfast out of the fridge -- without asking for a single bit of help (if she wants to!!). I am not ready for this! Tonight she stood in front of the refrigerator and opened both doors (freezer and fridge) looking for a snack, over and over again...and so it begins -- the thought process of "if I open it enough times, something good will pop out at me"!! Watching these two kids learn and grow each day is humbling.

In Charli's words..."God is great...God is good"

not sure when and where she picked up the peace sign, but she thought it was pretty clever!

these pictures are out of order...this is how a general toy "fight" ends up at our house, see below to understand!!

Charli "Harper No! Come on Buddy, just give it here!"
Harper : tug-tug, pull-pull
Charli "oh alright Harper, just take it" - grumble grumble

loves his sucker time! looks like he is trying to be sneaky here!

cheesy cheeto face!

Harper loves to crawl up to her bed...Charli loves to tell him no!

he was literally hiding from Charli after he swiped one of her toys!

Colton and Charli playing after the parade a few weeks ago!

priceless!! Colton patiently waiting, like he always does. Charli with hand on her hip...showing her true personality.

waiting for the parade to start!

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Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Love the new pictures! Although I often reflect on our grandchildren, this month has been especially reflective of the experiences with Charli...God is good! I love the practice of appreciating the little things each day. That journal (or journals) will be a great place to turn to when you need a gentle reminder of just how great life is! Love you all! XXXXOOOOPPPP