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Monday, March 08, 2010

fishing in the dark

Charli had a week full of surprises which left her asking "whats next"!!

Tuesday night we surprised her with a trip to the circus! It was my plan for Chad and her to have a night away, just the two of them (since Charli and I had a night together over the weekend) but when it came time to go to the circus Grandma Jody offered to come watch "buddy" so the three big kids went! She had a great time, she just stopped talking about the circus from this summer and then we went again! You will see some of the neat things she saw :-)

On Thursday her Aunt Amanda took her to the state games to watch Lindsay play. I didn't get any negative reports, but the truth really comes out when it comes time to do something like that again :-) They picked her up from daycare and took her down for the day, and dropped her back off to end the day with her friends. She really enjoys basketball right now.

On Friday Grandma Borg got to pick her up and have a slumber party at our house, which was pretty cool! They watched even more basketball in the morning!! Come Sunday it was just plain old mom and dad...what a disappointment!

Hope everyone has a good week!

fishing for a spider monkey with "fruit by the foot" which these two think is really fruit!!

Harper in his new seat! Charli was very concerned that her sucker wouldn't make the picture!

looks like he likes it!! Looks so big when he is in it, and so little when Charli is in hers!

Charli got to ride on an elephant!! So did mommy as you can see...I think I rode on an elephant when I was 5 or so, but I can't really remember!

before the ride! she was so brave, not even scared of that huge animal!

a pretty white, and mean looking, tiger! (the person next to us kept telling her 3-4 year old son it was a lion!!)

pure excitement!!!

they both have a good time at the circus


Kelsey said...

Brenda looks like you guys had a great time.. Also you look great!!

Deqlan said...

aawww Looks like you all had a great time! Cant wait to take Deqlan to the circus some day soon!

Natalie said...

fun!! I've never been on an elephant...that looks a little scary! :) Charli IS very brave!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, cute pics!! Looks like you had a ball at the circus!! We need to get Landon to one sometime.