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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


Here comes the roll of pictures from the past few days. Like I mentioned earlier, I forgot my camera yesterday to share the joy on Charli's face, but I am sure you can about imagine!

Enjoy, it's been awhile since I have flooded with here are a few to make up for it!

she is still just as proud as ever to show off her little buddy

who needs a wii when I have my very own rockband right here!
Here we have Miss Charli on guitar and Mr Harper Buddy rocking out the lyrics to "my mom's the best!"

showing off about a 1/4 of her stuffed animal collection! In about a weeks time we rotate through most of these animals as sleeping pals!

he likes to play in big sisters room, which works out nicely - for some weird reason he has way more hazards in his four walls!

Charli's master piece! She thought it was great fun to mix all of her six colors together to make new colors! She was sad that she "couldn't paint pretty like daddy"...we all feel that way, she will get over it!

Chad's plate for Charli. He traced her hand to make this, and she picked the colors out!

my plate - it was very relaxing to do this and I hope to do it again

she was feeding him!

he ALWAYS gets the fun parts of the job!

brush * brush* brush

he slept in this position for a long time! He was sitting "cris cross applesauce" and just bent over at the waist, plopped his head down, and hung out there for his nap!

Charli helping Chad spread the snow out so the "sunshine" would melt it! We have yet to see the sun shine, but the snow is gone! She said it was hard work and came in to inform me, with her hand on her hip, that "it has been a long day", I think it was 12:30!


Anonymous said...

Great pictures and I love the plates! Harper is getting so big! He looks more and more like you (AND CHARLI) every day!

Natalie said...

If I slept like that...I wouldn't be able to move an inch in the morning!! :)