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Sunday, February 28, 2010

not an empty moment

On our way to the basketball game Friday night we saw lots and lots of deer. I saw that there was about 20-30 in a field coming up so I told Charli to look out her window and she said "mom, I told you. I should have brought my gun and flashlight. Next time, right mommy?"
Mom - Charli, before bed go toss Harper's bottle in the sink for me.
Charli - know what to say?
Mom - Now??
Charli - if you say please first I will.
Charli's bedtime song to me tonight:
Hush little baby don't say a word, momma gonna buy you a monkey-bird, and if that monkey bird don't sing mommas gonna buy you a diamond ring, and if that ring is brass mommas gonna buy you a cup. and if that cup gets broke mommas gonna buy you a goat, and if that goat wont nah, mommas gonna buy you hay and if it falls down mommas gonna buy you a rubber dog, and if that rubber dog wont bark, I will buy you a cart and if it falls down you will still be the prettiest in town.

I have decided that in the silver lining that is our life - one thing we took for granted with Charli's "situation" was her ability to not get into everything! When Charli was the age Harper is now, she was not moving around at all. And, when she was able to move around she understood what "no" meant a little better. There are so many things that are "firsts" for us, even though this is our second go 'round!

Charli is not exactly excited about the new way we have to play UNO! Either we play it only while Harper is napping, or we play while body-checking Harper the entire time!

we tried to hard to get a picture of Harper in this hat...we had one of Charli at this same age...but the problem is - Harper is "a little" (aka A LOT) more mobile than Charli was -- no picture for us!

Charli in her new-favorite shirt...and harper taking advantage of being alone for once!

poor - poor - poor harper

I have so many things I could say here...bottom line is that everyone is having fun, even poor harper who is probably peeing his pants from laughing so hard!

feedsack, probably a 50 pounder

Mom - Chalri will you please make sure Haper doesn't fall off the couch
Charli - sure, I will make a Harper gate

good morning world!

lil sneak

so, not a good picture of Harper at all..I know that. But, who could pass up sharing this moment with the world :-) How nice of Wynston and Kasper to share their bone with him.


Anonymous said...

LOVE these pics! Harper is looking more like Charli the older he gets! I am so happy you're loving all of the "firsts" with Harper that you didn't get to have with Charli. Soak it all in and enjoy! Looks like Charli is a mother hen, how cute!

Natalie said...

Too funny!! I love the "Harper gate" she is so witty! They look alike, yet their eyecolor is soooooo different!! :)

Michelle said...

Charli is getting so big and she is just beautiful. Harper has gorgeous blue eyes where did he get them I love them!!!