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Sunday, February 21, 2010


The weekend is almost over already, again. How does this happen so fast?!
This weekend we made a quick trip to broken bow to celebrate Ryen's birthday, those three girls have a great time together. And, as they get older they are starting to have little spats too. This time it was over coloring, and I know it won't be the last. Growing pains I guess! Rachelle (their mom and my sister) and I agreed three years ago that no matter what these three girls do we can't and won't get mad at each other because of it! We have the only girls on our side, so they are bff's for life for sure!! It is fun to watch them grow together!

Now that Harper is crawling in all rooms and on all surfaces I thought for sure that Charli would lose some interest in him, which she hasn't. He has, although, gotten more interested in what she is doing!! She has enjoyed being his 2nd mom and I am soaking it in while it lasts! He is working on a tooth, not sure it will break this time or not...but for his sake I hope it does.

Have a great week...March will be here soon which means spring is getting closer!!!!

it isn't the best shot, but Ryen did Charli's hair...she looked pretty cute! She has two clips on the side and a back pony! And, she really was enjoying playing tractors with Harper!

the triplets!!
Macey (4) * Ryen (7)* Charli (3)


Deqlan said...

gorgeous girls, wow how they growing!!!

AndreaChad said...

Cousins are the best! Looks like a great time!