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Sunday, April 26, 2009

what a princess!

First of all, were all right on the picture. I had no idea it would be so obvious, I guess I will have to try harder next time! That picture promted a phone call from my sister saying "last time I saw you, you weren't protruding so much...I guess I need to come see you"! What EXACTLY was that supposed to mean Rachelle?!!

This was a busy weekend for us. On Saturday Chad's grandma got married in Genoa. Charli was the flowergirl, she was adorable. I have never seen her look this cute! Chad's cousin also got married in Norfolk, so after his grandma's ceremony and reception we made the trip to Norfolk to take part of some of that reception as well. Charli was shy at first and said she was too little to dance, but once she warmed up to the environment she wanted to dance! She danced a little with Chad, and then with me! She was funny and had to tell me exactly how to hold my hands, etc. She was tired when we got home!!

Today we took off for an auction by Humphrey that our Relay For Life team was doing a fundraiser at, with three other teams. We hosted the lunch stand!! It was a long day, I was there from about 9:30 - 6:00...we were so lucky that the rained stopped mid-morning, it made a much better day for everyone!! Because of the rain and the big day Charli had on Saturday, Chad and Charli took off around noon to head home, they got to play together at home!

Just a reminder that if anyone wants/needs Charli's Angels shirts this year to let me know ASAP while we still have them!!!

Hope everyone has a great week!! My feet are tired ;-)

PS. we were told on Monday morning that someone saw Charli on TV from the Relay at Wesleyan last weekend!!

possibly the last family picture we will have of just three of us?!

Chalrli and her stylist!

she must have liked her hair...she was shocked to see it in the mirror! cute!

did anyone think she had this much hair?!! curls are deceiving!!

Chad and Charli were practicing with her flowers!

she is so in love with her grandma and grandpa!

the newlyweds!!

i guess she is past the stage where she will just look at the camera and actually smile!!!

enjoying her very special surprise from grandma after walking up the aisle so nicely!

sitting at the 2nd wedding reception of the night watching the big kids dance!


Anonymous said...

What a BEAUTIFUL flower girl! I loved how her hair turned out. Looks like you had a great weekend!

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

Thank you, Charli for doing such a great job at Great-Grandma's wedding ceremony. We are so proud of you! The pictures are great, Brenda...and I would have guessed right on the mystery picture, too :o) So excited to see that baby when he/she makes his/her debut! We love you! XXOOPP

Deqlan said...

aaawww Charli you looked to gorgeous and your hair to beautiful! we are thrilled you are doing so well and we now you are going to make the best big sister ever! God Bless, lots of love
prayers always
Mark Samm Deqlan Logan

The Hudcaps said...

So darling!! I love that hair!!