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Sunday, April 19, 2009

We went to our first Relay For Life of 2009 this weekend! We participated in the Relay at Wesleyan with my oldest nephew Andrew, his girlfriend, and his team "Relay Militia"!! During their opening ceremonies they played a short video of local and national pictures. The very first picture was a 3-4 year old little girl, and Charli said very loudly "it's me mommy"! It made everyone laugh, but made me tear up! We took the survivor lap with Charli, and not to sound like "one of those moms", but at every corner we heard people whisper "oh, she is so little...she is so cute!". It is flattering when I hear people whisper that - but it is also very weird to know they are talking about you right in front of or behind you!! But, anytime you see someone so little wearing purple at a Relay is going to cause a lot of conversation.

Saturday we took off from Lincoln to Omaha to take Charli to Kids Explore...we had never been but enjoyed! It is basically an event to market to parents, but where each business really grabs the attention of the kids! It works for the kids...and since we are not in the Omaha area we didn't have to feel bad or tempted to spend our money at those businesses!! Charli got her hand painted, a flower balloon bracelet, a fun penguin pillow, and lots of goodies!! She ate a pretty good breakfast at the hotel but before lunch she had: a sucker, M&M's, ice-pop, icecream bar, icecream with chocolate, and more!! So, needless to say she didn't eat a "great" lunch!!! She had a good time though :-)

Sunday was pretty much dad's day! She helped Chad wash cars and play outside! She really wanted to be outside today, who can blame her!!

She has been saying some super funny things the past few weeks - which I have forgot to here is the short and favorite list!!
-While sharing fruit snacks with Chad, he gave her the last one and she looked him right in the eyes and said "are you kidding me?"!!!!
-I bought apple juice and she grabbed it, loving on it - saying how much she loved apple juice and thanking me for it! At a random time a few hours later she said "thank you for buying me two apple juice mom! I am so proud of you!"
-she is calling anything good "delicious"! But she said it DEEE-LICIOUS!!

showing off her art from the day!! She was bummed when it washed off!

our little Indian! One of the vendors gave out these little hats - she didn't mind wearing it!

our little scaredy-cat!! She was scared of the fish in the big tank!!

well...they aren't black and whites, but according to Webster they are still considered cows :-)

showing her flower bracelet and new penguin pillow! It is so cute!! She had lots to pick from and picked this little guy!

I bet Chad will purchase these soon, mega-super-duper legos!!

on our way into the Kids Explore

Emily, Andrew, and Charli at the Relay!

Charli was being so shy!!

I think Andrew enjoyed having Charli there...we were glad we went!

the oldest Borg grandson...and the youngest Borg granddaughter

the luminary bag on the track for Charli!

just the three of us...we don't have many pictures like this!!

Lynn had her hair SO cute for the night!!


stacy from michigan said...

What a wonderful weekend.
Charlie is so ADORABLE!!!


Anonymous said...


The Hudcaps said...

Looks like lots of fun. I love the comments she's been saying!! How many relays do you participate in? You could probably hit one every weekend for several months. That would keep you busy.

Natalie said...

Cool! The luminaria bag fits her well..."You Go Girl" and she does!! :)

Grma and Grmpa Preister said...

What great pictures! Charli looks like she really enjoyed herself. Everyday with Charli is an adventure and a blessing...we enjoy any time we can spend with her. Tell her the eggs she colored at Easter were DEE LICIOUS!!!!XXOOPP

Rachelle said...

Glad you guys had a good weekend. Thanks so much for the tickets to Kids Explore ~ the kids had fun! If you hadn't given us the tickets, we might not have gone and then we wouldn't have met up with the other fellow CdLS Mom. It was such a luck coincidence! Great pictures and I love the cute Charli sayings.

Anonymous said...

Love the Grandson/Granddaugher picture---------they are precious kids to me, for sure!!!
Looks like it was a fun week end.
We missed you while we were gone.

G-ma B/