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Sunday, November 16, 2008

tears of joy!

I am so glad to be home tonight, but sure wish it was Saturday so I could sleep in tomorrow!!

Chad left early Friday morning to go hunting with our brother-in-law Brad, which left Charli and I to have our annual weekend together! This is great, except I had two other events I wanted/needed to be a part of!!

Saturday morning about 6:45 I dropped Charil off at the McMeekins for the next 24+ hours, and got on the road to head for Grand Island to attend the American Cancer Society's Relay For Life - Relay University. This was my first year attending, it was a great experience. It was similar to Dallas, but on a smaller more personalized for Nebraska scale! I took part in this with 13 others from Platte County, it was great to have such a large group there!! The Platte County Relay For Life received recognition and awards for having the most people in one county raise $1,000 individually! We also were recognized for being #2 in our division for money raised per capita and #8 in the NATION!! Our county has a lot to be proud of! This event took place from 9:00 - 4:00.

As soon as this was over I literally ran to my car and got on the interstate to head to Omaha so I could attend the annual fundraiser for Angels Among Us. This is the organization who used Charli's picture on their billboard!! They give financial assistance to families who have children battling cancer. They are an amazing group who deserve so much support. It started at 5:30, I arrived fashionably late at 6:30 :-)

They had a live and silent auction along with a great meal and live entertainment. On the live auction there were about 6 handmade art pieces by children who are or have been touched by cancer. I will get back to this in a minute!!

On the silent auction there were about 100 baskets that ranged from $30 - $200 and had movie night baskets up to ipods and sport packages. I came home with a few Christmas gifts which I can't talk about yet!! But I am most excited about the Royals package I got!! Four reserved seats to any Royals game, $100 gift certificates to a restaurant in downtown Omaha, and a one-night stay at the Double-Tree in downtown Omaha! I can't wait for that weekend! We have already invited our friends from Des Moines to make the trip in the spring!! Oh, we also came home with an afternoon with the Omaha EMT group who will cook us a meal and take us on a ride and give a tour! I thought Chad might think this would be fun!

Okay, so back to the handmade artwork. The theme this year happened to be ceramics, which was fitting because that is what Grandma Preister did with Charil for the same event!! They had a nice time working on this together! At first Grandma said they would remake one for her to keep, but as she thought about it decided she wanted it for herself! I had decided that I wanted to purchase it for her and give it to her for Christmas. I knew she would be sad that she didn't win it at the event (because I was going to have a friend buy it for me!!) but didn't think it would be an issue. So, I informed Bob (Grandpa) of my plan and told him to go ahead and bid so she knew he was trying but to let my friend win! I made the mistake of telling him that I would pay anything to walk home with it that night. The final bid closed at $1,300. NOT WHAT I WAS EXPECTING!! But, all going to a good cause right?!! Jody was SO sad that she didn't walk away with the angle, and it broke my heart. So, I caved and had the angle delivered to her that night!! This is a very special gift to her from Bob, Chad, and myself -- and I wish we could have waited until Christmas, but I couldn't stand to see her so sad about not winning!! She deserved that angle!

I got on the road and was home by 11:30! On my way home I realized I was on the road for over 6 hours yesterday...but it went quickly!! I am thankful for making it there and back safely!! Amanda, Charli, and I went shopping today and here I am now - tired and ready to sleep!

Charli had a GREAT day/night away from home...which was no surprise to me! She came home saying all sorts of weird things like "no way batman" "BC" (whatever that means!!") and she now calls me "momma" instead of mommy! How quickly they are influenced!! A HUGE THANK YOU to Linda and family - we love you!!

up close AND personal!

Charli's angel on auction - more pictures to come!

the little goodie bag we gave those who attended Relay University for Platte County! It was a bag of lucky charms with a note that said "We are LUCKY to have you! Thanks for coming today!" We truly did appreciate everyones attendance!

look - a real pony!

cute smile ruined by a flinstone vitamin between her teeth :-)


Amanda said...

I was soooooo thrilled to help! :) Let's stay in touch more, huh? ;) So good to see you!

Kelsey said...

that sounds like you had a busy and fun day :) My Aunt was at the relay thing in G.I. she would have been there for Hamilton County i'm assuming.. Mary Jane Robertshaw.. She might even be on the board or something.. She had to miss our the beginnin of our shopping weekend to go to the meeting.. Well Charli is just getting so big and so cute..

The Wiechman's said...

Sounds like an incredibly busy weekend! You are so special Brenda; Charli couldn't have been blessed with a better mom. I am in awe of what you do and continue to do for every child who has had cancer or has yet to be diagnosed. You are a wonderful person and I am blessed to call you my friend. And what a nice gift for Grandma Jodi. I am sure she was surprised!

Anonymous said...

Look at you miss thang! You were like WonderWoman yesterday!! You continue to amaze me with your strength and will to fight for such a great cause. We need more like YOU in our world. Can't wait to see you for our baseball outing!! WHOOP!!! :) No kids, right? ;)

stacy from michigan said...

You are truly an inspiration...way to go!

Rachelle said...

Brenda ~ The Relay for Life is so lucky to have you! You should be very proud of all you do to support cancer awareness. I'm glad the fundraiser went well ~ you little sneak! LOL You told me what Charli's angel went for at auction but didn't tell me you were the buyer! ;o) That was a very sweet thing for you to do and just think of all the children you will be helping. Cheers!

The Hudcaps said...

I can't believe everything you do for such wonderful organiziation. They are wonderful because they are of people like you who care enough and are generous enough to donate to such a special cause.

Conrad, Megan and Our Precious Keaton said...

Hello dear Preister Family, What a wonderful surprise to see that you stoped by our blog and left a message! Thank you so much! Wow - Little Charli is growing up so fast and is soooo cute! I love the new pictures... I visit your blog site every monday, wednesday and friday for my Preister Family Update and it always makes my day! You are such a wonderfully positive family and an inspiration to us all! Praying for your cousin and mother in law! God bless you and keep you all safe! Conrad, Megan and Keaton (South Africa)

Natalie said...

I'm sad that I didn't go...but glad that it went well. Your baggies turned out cute! Can't wait to do that scrapbook pages for the Relay!! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you and Grandpa Charli's Angel is safely in the curio cabinet until she is old enough to get it back. Thank you, Brenda for being such a special daughter-in-law. You are very much appreciated and loved. It was such a fun night! Grma P

Michelle said...

Brenda I don't know how you do it but I love it and give you all the strength that you need to be so active in support and awareness of cancer.

Love Charli's ponytail how cute she is.