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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

making cents of it

A few weeks ago I mentioned Chad's cousin, Joe, who was severally injured in a car accident. Not a lot has changed since I made those posts. However, his family and his doctors are hoping that he will be able to make a move to the Rehab Center located in state putting him much closer to family and friends.

Now is not the time for the family to be stressing over financial worries. I realize that times are tight for many of us right now, even more so for this family at this time of crisis. But, if anyone can spare a few dollars here and there I know that the Korth's will appreciate it more than any of us could imagine. I for one know first hand the difference $5 can make.

Chad's aunt, Linda, (Joe's mom) has not left Joe's side since the second she got to the hospital the night of the accident, one state away. That not only shows the love and devotion she has as a mother...but also creates a financial burden. His dad has only left his side to bring in an income to continue to support the family, a hard decision to make...and one that they shouldn't be forced into making.

Any help we can offer this family will mean more time they are able to stand by Joe's side in his ever-important recovery that he has ahead of him. Transportation, food, and daily necessities are not free when you are in the hospital - if anything they are overpriced!!

We would like to help our family in anyway possible, and granted this is only one small way to will make a big impact on their life.

If you feel that anyone else would be able to help, PLEASE pass this information along. THANK YOU!

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