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Sunday, November 02, 2008

November already?!!

It is November already?! Hard to believe!

Our weekend was busy, but nothing too earth shattering. Friday night we did the trick-or-treat circuit! Charli has enough candy to last her about five years!! Saturday Charli and I went to Andrew's football game (which they won!!) in Fremont!! Today we went to watch Pumpkin Chunkin' and then to the spaghetti dinner in Tarnov. Charli had a good day, although she was tired! She went to bed a little bit early tonight with the time change, but seemed to handle it like a champ!

Enjoy the pictures :-)

at football game!! GO ANDREW :-)

watching the game with grandpa

so pretty!!!

Charli wore her hat all morning, wouldn't take it off!! Probably hiding her crazy fuzzy hair!!

Grandpa was tyring to get Charli to show her teeth!! At least one Charlie has a BIG smile here!!! ha ha

three girls -- one chair!

what do you get when you have a care bear, puppy, princess bride, and Dorothy all in one room?!! A CRAZY, wild, and fun time!

Aunt Amanda and "Dorothy"...poor uncle Brad was sick :-(

Charli "begging" for candy!

at our stop by Great Grandma and Great Grandpa's house!

Charli and Grandma Deb

Charli with Great-Grandma

I love this picture!! Charli and Grandpa Preister! Sadly Grandma was working :-(

I will have one of these...and two of those...oh, and this one too!

Dorothy and her basket from our neighbor Jacky


movie star smile :-)

Charli's Halloween Day outfit from Grandma (and probably Grandpa too!) Preister

"Charli's Angel" - to auction off at a charity event later this month
(the wings are Charli's hands!!)

Charli put on all the sparkles and helped grandma with the project!

Charli also go to roll the head! Looks like Grandpa helped too!

look, a ball!! She didn't mind having her hands dirty!!

these two really enjoyed the night!


Anonymous said...

Oh Brenda...she looks adorable! The pictures are great...ALMOST as good as seeing her in person :o)


The Hudcaps said...

Love the Costume!! That's what Madeline wants to be next year. So much fun.

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh!! Love the Dorothy outfit...especially the sparkly red shoes! :) Good pics with her Grandma's and Grandpa's too! How special!!:)

Rachelle said...

Charli's Dorothy costume is adorable! She looks very pretty! I'm happy you guys had a fun weekend!

Deqlan said...

AAWWWW - how gorgeous and original, you looked beautiful Charli, there is no place like home!

Anonymous said...

I love the costume! She looks adorable as Dorothy! Little ruby slippers and everything! :)
Glad you had good weather for trick or treat night as well!

The Currie Family said...

What a cute Dorothy!! Love the red shoes. Looks like you guys had a good halloween, it's a fun age!