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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Where has time gone?!

At work today I realized that I was a week behind on July - where has it gone?!! Which means...that in two weeks Charli will be turning TWO YEARS OLD!! When did that happen, I mean seriously!!?

We took Charli to the Platte and Madison County Fairs this past weekend, which she didn't get too excited about - but did enjoy!

What she has enjoyed is playing on her swing set that her daddy has put a lot of love into the past week or two! She now has a slide and two swings to play on - and enjoys sending her sippy cup for a ride down the slide!! The first time she went down the slide, she was so excited - but hit the bump about 1/2 way down and caught air until the very bottom where she plopped her little bottom down! She is a little scared of it now, and it tends to get pretty hot in the afternoon...but I think she will warm up to it quickly. She likes to go down on my lap, so she still enjoys the slide :-) Chad worked very hard on the set, which he built by himself with his little helper Charli almost every day! He designed the set himself and did a great job, it is built to last!!

Aunt Amanda and Grandma Preister are watching Charli this week, and having a great time!! Amanda got to paint her toenails and fingernails for the first time Monday night! Charli did a great job sitting it sounds like!! Grandma is enjoying hearing Charli speak in small sentences and tell her things like "I see you", and "I love you"...which would melt even the coldest of hearts :-) It is great to have the help with Charli when we need it, but even more than that it is amazing to see other people love to be with Charli just as much as we do! I know that they truly enjoy their alone time with Charli...and they are truly ANGELS to our family!!

Brad and Amanda stopped by the house tonight and we ate BLT's and corn on the cob!! Charli even tackled the corn on the cob too, she enjoyed it!!!

We hope everyone has a great week!!

SAVE THE DATE!! Charli's birthday party is on the 27th! I imagine it will be around 4:00 that afternoon. We will send a few invites out later this week, but if you are interested in coming to celebrate her big day just let me know and we will set out extra plates!!!!!

a work in roof yet!

playing peek-a-boo with Grandpa Borg


Where is Charli?!

first time eating corn on the cob!!


Kara Cunningham said...

It passed, it passed, it PASSED! The Conquer Childhood Cancer Act passed in Senate today!!! I wanted to share the news as I knew you had also wrote letters that helped us reach this historic moment for childhood cancer. We're one step closer to CURES! I have more info on Lane's web site --

The Cunninghams -- Todd, Kara, Lakin and Lane

The Wiechman's said...

Yummy! I had my first corn that day too! Love the swing set!

Anonymous said...

I love the new swing set, Chad did a great job! I bet Charli loves it! I need one for Landon. Still haven't had any corn on the cob here, but it sure looks great! Hope you have a great Birthday party --take lots of pics!

Anonymous said...

PARTY...PARTY...PARTY!!!! Can't wait! Charli, you have grown up so much just these past few months! I love spending time with you! XXXOOOPPP Grma P

Ooops...just realized I forgot the P's on the last post I did...but you know I pray for you all the time :o)