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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Thank you Mr. President!!!

Say what you may about President Bush, but today he has changed the lives of all of our children, he signed the Conquer Childhood Cancer Act! For the next five years $30 million will be donated to childhood cancer research. That is $150 million dollars that will help save the lives of those babes who will be forced to battle cancer. This effort has been a long time coming, and will be life changing. Having written several letters, emails, etc - I am humbled to know that a change has been made - and it just might be your child who will be saved, that is all I need to know to sleep tonight.

Tears of joy fill my eyes...a cure is near!!!!!!!!!

WASHINGTON -- They've been in a tough fight with a vicious disease, but two little girls from central Ohio emerged from the Oval Office and walked out onto the driveway outside the White House this morning with wide grins, official pins and presidential words of encouragement.Hannah Lewis, 7, of Reynoldsburg and Eden Adams, 8,of New Albany, who became friends as they under went cancer treatment at Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus, were among those on hand to watch President Bush sign a pediatric cancer bill into law.The Caroline Pryce Walker Conquer Childhood CancerAct was crafted by Rep. Deborah Pryce, R-UpperArlington, and named by lawmakers after her daughter, who died in 1999 after battling neuroblastoma.Both Hannah and Eden used the same word to describe meeting the president and first lady, being given presents and a tour of the Oval Office: "Cool."The signing ceremony was not open to the press aside from still photographers, but Hannah's mother,Jessica Lewis, said Bush told the families that he knew "we were going through a tough time and wished us the best."Jessica Lewis and Eden's father, Rourke Adams, said they hope the next step after President Bush's signature will be for Congress to approve spending the first $30 million installment this year of what the law calls for: $150 million over five years for such initiatives as expanded pediatric cancer research and a national childhood cancer database.The single parents saw their friendship at Nationwide Children's Hospital, which paid for the families to attend the White House signing ceremony,blossom into a relationship."This is something we deal with every day," RourkeAdams said about having a child who is battling cancer. Adams said it is his hope that a fully funded cancer database will in future years givere searchers more information about why children develop cancer.After the signing ceremony, Pryce said she was "delighted" to see her legislation enacted.The president and first lady spent a lot of time with the children and families - including Hannah's five-year-old brother, Duncan, and Eden's brother Riley, 14 - before Bush wielded his signing pen,Pryce said. Bush lost his three-year-old sister Robin to leukemia in 1953 and Bush told Pryce he is looking forward to telling his parents that he got to sign the pediatric cancer bill into law, the congresswoman added."This is a great step forward," Pryce said. "We have been waiting for this day for years now."


AndreaChad said...

Thanks for the exciting information Brenda!!

The Currie Family said...

YAY!! That is wonderful news!

Rachelle Riedmiller said...

Congratulations! What an awesome thing to have happen.

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT news to start my day off with today, thanks for posting that!!! What a milestone!