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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

please pray

Please pray for NB families this week.

Earlier this week the world remembered sweet Penelope who left this world one year ago. Also this week, three children that I know of have lost their battle and earned their wings - which means there were others who I don't know of. What a painful reality to a disease which has no people really get the importance of a cure?

Tonight when you go to bed and hug your loved ones, please squeeze them extra-tight and know that they are on this earth with you...while others are left with empty beds in their home tonight. Cancer just makes me so angry, cancer in children not only breaks and hurts my makes me livid.

If you are unable to donate money or donate of your time...please donate of your prayer for these families who are in desperate need of the strength and "whatever" else they are suppose to muster up after loosing a child.

sorry for being so cynical tonight...


Anonymous said...

You are right on target. Cancer is ugly for any age but these are babies and one of those is my baby and I am so afraid that he won't be on the positive end of that 30% survival rate. I am so angry!. I tried to do everything right during my pregnancy and through my life and this is what I get. A poor helpless little 2 yr old boy who is constantly being poked, cut, prodded and poisened. Cancer sucks so bad. I constantly pray for not only the children that are NED and the one currently in treatment but what about the kids who are just home in there beds waiting to die. 7 and 8 yr olds who know they are going to die. What justice is there in that! and while our children die. Drug dealers and murderers live. I don't get it

Stacy from MI said...

The Preisters and all of the NB Families are tucked in my heart and always in my prayers!