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Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Well, we tried to fix Charli's eye again! Charli had surgery on her left eye again this morning, hopefully the second time is a charm!

We had to be at the surgery center shortly after 6am this morning, Charli was up and all smiles at 5:30 this morning...I can't wait until tomorrow rolls around and she wants to get up early again!!! yuck!!

Like always, the nurses goo'd all over Charli and how well behaved she is when we are in that type of setting! She truly isn't scared of nurses, doctors, strangers, hospitals, clinics, etc! She did great today as always. She did have a few problems from the air tube I think...but I wonder if that is going to be her normal reaction from now on, it seems like we have had the same problem the last 2-3 times.

She has been playing really well today, but is zonked out for a hard nap!! She has been down for nearly three hours, so I am glad we decided to keep her home all day to rest. She is super happy...but she would be too busy playing if she was at daycare! Chad also stayed home today, so I went into to work for a few hours so tomorrow would be a little easier on me!!

Not much else to report for now - that I can think of! Hope everyone is having a great week!!

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Deqlan said...

glad to hear all went well and hope Charli up and about in no time! God Bless Samm & Deqlan